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  1. Head over to /plotwarp GrandAdventure and follow the blue tunnel for small preview of Downtown Hollywood at Disney's Grand Adventure!
  2. Miss you @JishE :heart::(

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    2. ItzPolarBear


      @JishE Haven't Seen ya on in a bit! :) 

    3. JishE


      Oh. Yeah haven't been on the server in few days

    4. Mavly
  3. We now have a plotwarp to DGA! For now you will be in a preview box, however, when we open the preview box will be removed and you will have full access around the park! Head over to /plotwarp GrandAdventure to check it out!
  4. "Our builders are back to work as we begin construction once again, We can't wait for you to see what magic we are creating!" ~Magical_Catz (Owner & CEO)
  5. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. (You're welcome, Jishy e-e)

    1. JishE



  6. *ATTENHUT!* We are putting all construction at DGA on hold to give our builders a break. Also, to allow for some more construction on the completely rebuilding of Catz & Co's other park: Beach Walk. We plan to still make our Spring/Summer 2019 deadline! Thank you, for understanding! ~Jishy (DGA Operations Manager)

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    2. EnzoGoober
  8. Congrats to everyone accepted for Trainee!!

    1. Mavly


      Thanks! :D

  9. The Great Movie Ride is now complete! I can finally stop saying #FinishGMR Here is a look at the "loading area" for the ride.
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