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  1. Ross

    Character of the Week - 9

    Chernabog - @JackThePotato
  2. Ross

    I need ideas...

    @ScanWorks @SuperPotato711 Adventureland & Tomorrowland are in the making!
  3. Ross

    I need ideas...

    @zacharym1422 Fantasyland is in the making!
  4. Ross

    I need ideas...

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I am currently making a Disney recreation on plots. I have done WDS style enterance and ticket offices, but I need some ideas for what I should recreate , I'm looking to recreate - 1 area - Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland - At least 4-5 rides. - Possibly a show, (parade ect.) Please recommend to me what I should build. Thanks!
  5. @Cassiopeiya this compliment is for you! You work so hard every day on Palace every day! Your a great friend and a lovely person, don't let anyone tell you differently, Thank you for helping me along the way with my Palace experience so far and I hope you can get Admin one day! But congratulations on Sr Mod too!
  6. Who all enjoyed the Summer Bash Meet & Greet Yesterday? 

    1. NoNameNeeded_


      I did! <3

  7. I think i'm a little bit too early for the Meet & Greet? Hmmm...


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