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  1. Ross

    Character of the Week - 9

    Chernabog - @JackThePotato
  2. Ross

    I need ideas...

    @ScanWorks @SuperPotato711 Adventureland & Tomorrowland are in the making!
  3. Ross

    I need ideas...

    @zacharym1422 Fantasyland is in the making!
  4. Ross

    I need ideas...

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I am currently making a Disney recreation on plots. I have done WDS style enterance and ticket offices, but I need some ideas for what I should recreate , I'm looking to recreate - 1 area - Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland - At least 4-5 rides. - Possibly a show, (parade ect.) Please recommend to me what I should build. Thanks!
  5. @Cassiopeiya this compliment is for you! You work so hard every day on Palace every day! Your a great friend and a lovely person, don't let anyone tell you differently, Thank you for helping me along the way with my Palace experience so far and I hope you can get Admin one day! But congratulations on Sr Mod too!
  6. Who all enjoyed the Summer Bash Meet & Greet Yesterday? 

    1. NoNameNeeded_


      I did! <3

  7. I think i'm a little bit too early for the Meet & Greet? Hmmm...

  8. Ross

    The /pack is not working

    @QWCBros, You should get sent the palace pack automatically when entering Creative
  9. Ross

    Block Lag

    Thanks, @Legobuilder0813
  10. Ross

    Block Lag

    On creative, recently, I have been having terrible Block Lag other players have been having it too. It's annoying because you're building and all of a sudden the blocks dissapear out of no where, and I always think someone has griefed my plot. Also you don't notice it until you come back to get photos. This needs to be adressed if possible. As it's always confusing.
  11. Hey Scan! I can't message staff or other players VIA their profile I get this message " You are only allowed to send 0 messages a day. Please try again later. Any tips?


    1. SurvivalSam


      @RossThat's not active right now due to it not being able to be moderated.


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