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  1. Bganny you're amazing, keep being you, you have inspired me to do so much <3

  2. BGannon


    Hello Palace Network! We have a place where you can fly into the future, travel to a circus, meet princesses and princes, visit a haunted mansion, go back in time to the colonies, and also fight pirates. We are so happy to announce a new project called NewMK! Majestic+ will start previewing on Sunday the 5th at 12:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). Within a preview you may see staff building and a bunch of new things! And Nobles don’t worry you’ll get to see the place where you can dream soon! Our build team are so glad you will finally get to see all of our hard work. See ya real soon!
  3. BGannon

    Word association

    Dr. Strange.
  4. BGannon


    Lord Farquaad is in his castle wiping his... face.
  5. hey BG, like the new profile pic :D

    1. BGannon


      Thank you!!

  6. Congrats Bud welcome to the higher upslove-simon-nick-robinson-gif.gif?w=750

  7. I really like Incredibles 2, but next Jurassic World 2Jurassic-World-3-Story-Fallen-Kingdom-Co

    1. cjh66


      I haven't Watched ANY of the Jurassic Park Films (apart from some small clips). Does LEGO Jurassic World Count?

    2. SurvivalSam


      Yayya I'm seeing it today.

  8. BGannon


    Its not open yet
  9. BGannon


    More of these will be coming out soon, but currently busy with other projects.
  10. BGannon


    More of these will be coming out soon, but currently busy with other projects.

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