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  1. Good luck for the people applying for Character!!

    1. cjh66


      i not applying. i can't get a new account :P

    2. Chrisboy04


      I’m not applying so…

       You have good luck.

    3. SweetHoneyTea_



      I’m not applying either but I’m just giving good luck to the people who have.

  2. Good luck to everyone who just went through their first week of school, I still have around 2 weeks left of Summer.

    1. POVGamer
    2. EnzoGoober


      I still have 5 weeks of summer to go. And I am starting work next week which is going to be fun.

    3. NoNameNeeded_


      Thank you <3 I actually went through my second week, and jeez, school is hard, isn't it?

  3. On my way home, I can play on Palace again soon, yay! 

    1. POVGamer


      @SweetHoneyTea_ Great to have you back!

    2. ScanWorks
  4. My computer couldn’t take Fantasmic so it decided to freeze.. 

    1. SmileyGamerGirl


      It happened to everyone.

    2. MaelieMoo10


      It didn't happen to me. Why? Because I wasn't there :( 

    3. CoconutMocha


      Mine does that, I guess Fantasmic is too extravagant for our computers to handle! (:

  5. Good luck to everyone who applied! <3

    1. SmileyGamerGirl


      Thank you! Good luck to you too!

    2. ScanWorks
    3. MaelieMoo10


      @SweetHoneyTea_ To you to! {If you applied}

  6. SweetHoneyTea_

    What Hogwarts House are you in?

    I am a Hufflepuff! I took the Pottermore quiz a while back!
  7. I just realised that I have 1018 profile views! Thank you so much! <3

  8. SweetHoneyTea_

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is in Previews!

    Amazing job! Loved the new 3D models!
  9. Seasonal is just amazing! Well done staff, yet again you did an awesome job! <3


    1. ScanWorks


      Hello @SweetHoneyTea_!

      Glad you enjoy it! Our builders did an amazing job!

  10. SweetHoneyTea_

    To all of the Guests on the server!

    Thank you Scan! You are amazing (:
  11. Hello @SweetHoneyTea_!

    Happy birthday!

    1. SweetHoneyTea_


      Thank you!

    2. cjh66


      Happy Late Birthday... i was busy yesterday so i could not wish you one... :3 

  12. Okay well I missed Palace and things have got a bit better so I am back! :)

    1. cjh66


      Welcome Back!

      welcome back.gif

    2. Chrisboy04


      And just in time for your birthday.

    3. ScanWorks



      Welcome back! Also, happy early birthday!

  13. I’m going to be leaving Palace for around a month or two because I’m going through things irl at the moment so I need a break, I will eventually be coming back though but goodbye for now.

    1. cjh66


      Goodbye for now! To all of youuuuu! Ok you probs didn't get that (Book of Pooh).


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