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  1. I love how my school has an earlier dismissal for not even 1 inch of snow. Just the perks of being on the East Coast at a Private school.

    1. CowDestroyer1313


      lucky if it rains in florida, they keep us at school longer.

    2. SmileyGamerGirl


      Haha, same. I've had whole days off of school when it didn't even snow! I live in the south.

  2. 11 Days until the unofficial start of Christmas Break!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cjh66


      2 for moi... <\:

    3. PrinceRisk


      Wow you are so lucky 

    4. colefb9


      Thank god it's soon, I'm done with the stuff I've had to put up with

  3. POVGamer

    One Word Story

  4. POVGamer

    Skybox Sales

    Want a Skybox? We have plenty of them available at the moment. If you want one, make sure to come on by the stadium and get one!
  5. Good Luck to anyone who may be applying for Character! :)

  6. Coming back from a long break sure takes a lot out of you. -_-

  7. I love how it feels like 10 pm, but it's not even 8:45. Happy Thanksgiving! xD

  8. If you went to HHN, How would you act and what would you do?

    1. ChewieWereHome


      honestly, i don't really get scared much so i'd probably be laughing at my mom that gets scared by the littlest of things

    2. colefb9


      I would act really stupid, and find a way to shut down the whole thing on accident

  9. POVGamer

    hello there!

    @ChewieWereHome Great Intro and Welcome Back to the Palace. I love movies as well, mostly comedies. However, I've been getting into Marvel recently. Hope to see you in the parks, POV
  10. POVGamer

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban Tiiago That's the reason he's not on anymore, right?
  11. POVGamer

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban Colefb9 Confused the whole server by changing his name to NotColefb9.
  12. I would like to announce that the Palace Stadium (on creative) will be recieving a 2nd floor expansion! More details to come.


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