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  1. Magical_Catz


    You deserve all the best!!! <3 <3 <3 You are an amazing person
  2. Magical_Catz


    How do you know when you can call someone a friend? The Definition of a friend is: "a person who has a strong liking for and trust in another person" One person who I know I can call a friend is Sr.Mod of creative, @Sock_Sowachowski Besides from being just a friend, she is one of the amazing staff members on Palace. She is friendly and always leads a nice, funny conversation. You can be yourself around her. Also, she steps up when help is needed, and also, is not afraid to be herself. Her personality is like none other. She has an amazing mind and always has a solution to the problem at hand. Sr. Mod of creative fits her very well, she is an amazing builder and always pays attention to detail. She also is very open to all ideas, no matter how crazy they are. All of her plots are amazing and intricate with detail. Just take Halloweentown (/plotwarp halloween) Each corner is filled with detail and the moment you step on to the plot, you feel immersed. Overall, she is an amazing staff member who is always there when you need her, even when she is not playing Minecraft. Her discord is always open, and she always responds in a little amount of time. As a personal note, I thank her for being amazing all of the time. Whether I'm building with her, or we're having a discussion about the office (Picture below is a Jim skin from the office that she is sporting). Next time you see her on, make sure to say hello! She is very personable and is willing to have a conversation (About pretty much anything!) We've had many fun, and funny experiences in the past. Whenever I see her online, I automatically feel joy. That's how you know when you can call someone a friend. Thank you for being my best friend I look forward to having many more experiences with you in the future! Forever here for you, -Magical_Catz
  3. Magical_Catz

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban SuperPotatqx because the supers have returned to municiberg and they have more potatoes
  4. Magical_Catz

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    Sum up ADventureland in one word? Impossible! ADventureland is an amazing original creation spearheaded by the one and only, talented and incredible davidzoo! This park has a uniqueness that will never expire. Each corner you turn has little details, from the shops in Downtown ADL, to the pavement all around the park. You won't want to miss out on this amazing creation! Make sure to visit next time you go onto creative at /plotwarp adventureland! You won't want to miss it!
  5. Magical_Catz


    I am so glad to be your friend @BSLG2802 Can't wait to make more memories with you this year!! See you on soon <3
  6. Magical_Catz

    Creative Inventory Glitch

    Multiple problems are occurring for me and other players recently You can't pick up heads using the pick block key (Middle click for most players) You can't take heads from the creative inventory, they disappear when you try to grab them Overall, creative inventories are very glitchy. (I would record a video but my recording program is acting up at the moment)

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