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  1. Happy valentines day y'all! :wink:

  2. Like you’ve seen, I just want to know who your favourite villain is! Mine is either Lady Tremaine or Yzma, Yzma is probably one of the most comedic Disney villains of all time!
  3. OhCon

    Favorite Disney Movie

    Snow White or Cinderella
  4. Back to school on Monday, and I still have homework to do, here I am complaining about it when I should do it LOL

    1. PrinceRisk


      I go back to school on Monday as well

    2. Soniccc


      I will be back at school Monday as well. I wish you much luck @OhCon and @PrinceRisk. 


  5. Merry Christmas Eve everyone! ^_^

    1. cjh66


      Thanks! Happy Christmas Eve to u too!

    2. Fuwariusagi


      Merry Christmas for tomorrow!


    3. ItzPolarBear


      Merry Christmas Too You Too @OhCon =D

  6. It's been a while...

    1. Soniccc


      It’s been a long time! Glad to see you back on the forums!

    2. PrinceRisk


      IKR, its been a while

  7. Thats right folks! The Enchanted Domain is now a plot warp on Creative! Just simply do /plotwarp and find the name 'Enchanted_Domain', and you'll find yourself in a world where dreams do come true!
  8. It’s finally November, which means I can finally speak about Christmas! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cjh66



      you must speak about turkey

    3. PrinceRisk


      Um you can talk about Christmas and Thanksgiving during November. Im already in the Christmas Spirit.

    4. Chrisboy04


      Why wait till November?

  9. From when i was a child, i grew up with the Shrek movies, it's one of my favourite Non-Disney franchises ever! I love it's comedy, references and even fairy-tale crossovers. I'm gonna give my honest opinions and ratings on all 4 movies, i'm excluding any shorts though. Shrek: An amazing fairy-tale movie , the animation was amazing , we meet new characters, there was an amazing score, and I love the whole plot twist , as well as the contrast of romance and action, and we get to see a wonderful Happily ever after for everyone, except Lord Farquaad of course! 9/10 Shrek 2: My favourite out of the entire franchise, a wonderful way to continue a movie. It still retains its sense of comedy, action and love too. I think the Fairy Godmother was an amazing villain and how she was played by the wonderful Jennifer Saunders. The I Need A Hero scene is my favourite part in the movie! It's a pure enjoyment! 10/10 Shrek 3: Not the best one. it lacked it's sense of humour in some moments and made me yawn a few times but the animation has improved over the years. Lets be honest, the best moments are with Fiona and the Princesses, they're presented entirely opposite to their Disney counterparts (i.e Cinderella having OCD and Sleeping Beauty having narcolepsy) which makes me laugh, it's amazing seeing gals like them fight for themselves! Seeing Shrek having a family in the end also makes me happy too. 6/10 Shrek 4: What i dislike about this film is the back in time cliche, Rumplestiltskin was a good villain, having a greedy and manipulative personality but wants to be King, just like Farquaad. I also dislike how they got rid of so many characters from the previous film, such as Arthur, Merlin , the Princesses and even the villains too! But everyone gets a happy ending again so i'll credit them for that. 5/10
  10. OhCon

    Which Disney Sequels were good?

    I know the title may sound harsh, however Disney sequels sometimes fail to outshine the original due to poor animation, poor storylines, poor dialogue or anything which makes it not as good. I'm not saying that every sequel/prequel/midquel was bad but here are a few I actually liked. 1. Cinderella III (Because i love the buildup of characters, especially Anastasia and the Prince) 2. An Extremely Goofy Movie (It still retains its sense of comedy and witty dialogue) 3. The Lion King 1 1/2 (The storyline was great and the cameos of various characters at the end gets me) 4. The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (I love the songs and the character buildup for Ariel's sisters as well as the backstory of Ariel's late mother) 5. Lilo and Stitch 2 (It was happy and upsetting at the same time) These are my opinions so no need to get upset by them. So what Disney sequels do you think were good, or maybe not so good?
  11. In this little game, we will create a word chain which link to eachother! I will start by saying 1 word, then you must think of a word that associates with that word! EXAMPLE - Sun , Moon , Stars etc. RULES Word must be appropriate You can only say ONE word per day If the word does NOT link to the previous word, then we will restart! Have fun!
  12. As you can tell by the title, just wondering what ride do you guys prefer, either Guardians Of The Galaxy or Tower Of Terror? I have never been to DL so I have had no experience of their former TOT nor GOTG. However I have been on the one at Disneyland Paris and it was truly wonderful! It was awesome and spine tingling at the same time and I wish I could go on it again someday. So which do you prefer?

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