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  1. cheetah213


    13. Lucky number.
  2. cheetah213


    Staff chain? Eh, neat. 6.
  3. I just realized I hit just a little over 800 profile views. Thank you! Love you all. ^_^

  4. cheetah213


    I'mma be that person again--- Castle!
  5. Animojiiiiii e.e

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    2. cjh66



      Byebye Animoji .-.

    3. cheetah213


      Why? Should I change it back? Looking for opinions, I really don't know. :P

    4. cjh66


      I like Animoji xD

  6. I'm so happy everyone enjoyed the dining today! Thank you all so, so, so much for attending. Things like this that I get to do mean the world to me!

    1. ScanWorks



      It was very fun!

  7. cheetah213

    What do you think of all of these new trailers coming out?

    Honestly, I have mixed feelings. I feel like they will be good, but nothing will beat the originals in my opinion. If I had to pick one of the newer movies to see, it would either be Lion King, my favourite movie, or Toy Story 4.

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