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  1. I wonder how many photo edits I can fit in my About Me before it doesn't let me anymore, or just gives up. I'm at 4 currently, LOL.

  2. Ok, last edit I'll post for now. It was hard to keep the image not overly bright, I tried my best. I still think it looks alright though. ^w^ 

    Fantasmic edit before and after.jpg

  3. Did another photo edit. Opinions or thoughts? I personally highly, highly love this one! ^_^:heart: Once again, of course, the art isn't mine. ^w^

    Maleficent before and after.jpg

  4. Updated my banner. Art isn't mine of course, I'm not that talented, but I did edit it. What do you all think? ^w^ Below is the before and after as well.

    hakuna_matata before and after.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cheetah213


      @Mavly Thank you! I love doing photo edits! :heart:

    3. Gooby


      Wow that looks awesome!!!

    4. PorkyPenguin


      Wow, that lives incredible! Love the Lion king :heart:

  5. Been taking some time for myself lately. I honestly haven't been on my computer in general in days, but it feels pretty good to be back now. Can't wait to talk to you all. :)

    1. Gooby


      Welcome back :D

    2. cheetah213


      @Gooby Thank you, love! :heart:

    3. Mavly


      Welcome back, Queen!

  6. Happy New Year! Wait... It's no-- Oh... Happy midnight...?

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