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  1. Cassiopeiya


    These look really cool! Amazing job!
  2. Cassiopeiya

    Splash or Space?

    This is 50/50 for me. I enjoy Space Mountain a lot, don't get me wrong. But Splash Mountain is great if it's really hot outside, and you want to go on a ride that will cool you off. Between the two, I'd have to go with Space Mountain. Sorry, Splash Mountain fans!
  3. Cassiopeiya

    Disney Character Name Game!

    Oaken (Frozen)
  4. Fantasyland is wonderful, don't get me wrong. I'd go there if I'm really in a fantasy mood. However, I personally love Tomorrowland. I don't know why I like futuristic things, but I do. Plus, Space Mountain is pretty awesome!
  5. Cassiopeiya

    Disney Character Name Game!

    Fauna (Sleeping Beauty)
  6. Cassiopeiya

    What is everyone's favorite /audio music?

    I find the music around EPCOT really enjoyable most days. However, if I'm in a mood where I just want to stand there and listen to the music, /warp uso is where I'll hang around. I like the mixtures of different songs, and it sounds really good, too!
  7. Cassiopeiya

    Word association

  8. Whoa, I reached 100 likes?! What kind of sorcery is this?!
    Seriously, I appreciate it, everyone. It still shocks me that people actually even bothers with me. 

    1. cjh66


      PPL love your Salsaaaa!

  9. Cassiopeiya

    Disney Character Name Game!

    Al (Toy Story 2)
  10. Cassiopeiya

    What WDW Ride would you make?

    If I could make a Zootopia-themed ride, I definitely would. And then I'd probably go on the ride all day because there's no such thing as not enough Zootopia in my book.
  11. Cassiopeiya


    Did somebody call for a salsa castle?
  12. Cassiopeiya

    What Is Your Favorite PIXAR Short Film?

    Presto is probably my favorite because it's just so funny! All that poor bunny wanted was a carrot, and the magician was like, "Nope. You ain't getting it, buddy." I mean, at least he gets it at the end, but still. It makes me laugh every time I watch it!
  13. Good luck to everyone that's applying for staff! I'm looking forward to some new additions to the team! 


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