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  1. I completely forgot about Cupquake! I sort of knew about DanTDM, but like you said, he's in the UK version. Still, that's really cool!
  2. I haven't posted in a while, but something interesting happened yesterday. I managed to survive for about 4 hours without power because of a severe snow storm. Are y'all proud of me?

    1. EnzoGoober


      I'm proud of you, Salsa Queen e-e

  3. I hope y'all are having an awesome day today! I just had to say that.
    Also, good luck to anyone that's applying for staff! I have faith in you! ♡

    1. Soniccc


      Today is going well! Sadly I just arrived from my Disney trip, but overall it's going smoothly here. Thank you!

    2. Mavly


      I hope you have a good day too!

  4. WARNING: If you have not seen the newest Wreck-It-Ralph movie, then it's probably best not to read ahead. If you have seen the movie, please continue reading. Now, I liked Wreck-It-Ralph at first. I loved the many different game references and also, the music was amazing. When I heard about Ralph Breaks The Internet, I actually had high hopes for this movie. And I will say this, I was not disappointed at all. There's only a few things about it that kind of threw off my groove. Yes, I had to make the reference, if you actually get it. So first, let me talk about the Disney Princesses, because they got so much attention. I'm quite shocked that they actually got almost all of the original voice cast, minus the older princesses like Snow White and Aurora. Can I just say that I love their modern outfits? The moment I saw them, I was automatically in love. The only issue for me was how they made them look for this movie. I understand that they're trying to keep it within the film's animation style, but I'm sorry to say, that this didn't really work well for some of the princesses. Some of them ended up looking normal, or even better than how they were in their original movies (*cough* Ariel)! If you remember the scene with all of the princesses working together to save Ralph... all I have to say is wow. I was beyond impressed. It was actually nice seeing them work together! A part of me hopes that if they ever make another movie like this, they'll make a return because I absolutely loved them! Another thing I wanted to point out was all of the references they put. Now, I'm not talking about just the Disney ones, even though I pretty much fangirled when I saw Nick Wilde make an appearance. Also, Storm Troopers for any Star Wars fans out there. There was at least one YouTuber reference I caught! If y'all know Miranda Sings/Colleen, well she gets her moment to shine in this movie! I also love how they included other websites like Twitter, and they even added Oh My Disney, which is definitely my go-to site for anything Disney related. As much as love things like this, I will say that I hope Disney doesn't pull off another film with stuff like this. It was fun, but there is a limit and I really hope that they don't push it. I think it's safe to say that Vanellope deserves more attention because of how much she's changed since the first movie. She went from wanting to be racer in Sugar Rush, to wanting more excitement and wanting to stay in Slaughter Race. It might not seem like her style simply because she's from Sugar Rush, but she found her calling, and I think that's something I like about her. From the beginning, all she wanted to do was race, but she couldn't because she's a glitch and also, King Candy/Turbo is just rude. It's only fair to assume that racing in the same place for 6 years that's all happiness and candy, she'd get pretty tired of it. Which Wreck-It-Ralph movie did you guys like better and why? I'm actually curious on all of your thoughts and opinions!
  5. I hope all of you lovely people have a great weekend!
    Also, I just realized I went a little over 60 followers. Thank you guys so much! You're all amazing! :$

  6. /ban BSLG2802 ruling the world with three-eyed alien toys
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