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  1. Thoughts on Finding Dory?

    Honestly, I prefer Finding Dory over Finding Nemo. Yes, if the first movie never happened, we never would have such awesome people. Personally, I think Dory looking for her parents makes for one great adventure. We see Marlin searching for his only family, which is his son Nemo (and later on, Dory herself). We never really get to see more of Dory's character or anything about her family. Seeing Dory with her own family again is so heartwarming. If they ever make another movie with these guys, I hope we see more of them. Plus, seals. Cuteness overload.
  2. Opinions on The Jungle Book

    I haven't watched The Jungle Book a lot, since it probably is one of my least favorite movies. I will admit though, I do like the live action version of this film. It did not disappoint me the first time I saw it.
  3. Counting

    I feel evil for doing this, but... Castle
  4. I wish you all the best of luck to those that applied for staff/a character! I'm looking forward to meeting some new people! 

    1. Chrisboy04


      Thank you, can't wait to see who will get accepted for staff

  5. My opinion on Beauty And The Beast

    My family loves Beauty and the Beast. I like it too, but like many others, it's not one of my favorite movies. If I had to be honest, the music is probably the one thing I like about this movie. Be Our Guest is definitely my favorite song, to be honest.
  6. Whats your favorite park at Disney?

    EPCOT for sure. It may be futuristic, but like Lans said, you basically get a taste of many different places around the world in just one park. I don't know any other park in the world that does that. The events that happen there are amazing, especially the Food and Wine Festival. I mean, I like the Magic Kingdom as well if I'm feeling a magical vibe, but EPCOT would definitely my go-to place.
  7. Thoughts on The Lion King

    While The Lion King may not be one of my favorite movies, I respect it deeply. I think Disney chose a very good cast for this film, and like Scan said, the music was outstanding. If you ask me, Scar would probably be on my top 3 best Disney villains list as well. Props to the man that voiced him, too. He did an amazing job.
  8. Happy Friday, folks!
    Hope you all have a fabulous day today!

  9. My Random, But Cute Home.

    This is adorable! I like it!
  10. What Is Your Favorite WDW Treat?

    I haven't had an ICEE in such a long time. I think I'm overdue for one! I may try one when I go!
  11. What Is Your Favorite WDW Treat?

    Welcome to the Dole Whip buddy club! And I have yet to have a good churro. I shall get one whenever I go!
  12. Thoughts on Finding Nemo

    This was another movie I grew up with, and it did not disappoint me. I still love it, and Finding Dory is just as good!
  13. Universal City Walk

    Seriously, going here is actually on my bucket list. I've heard that their donuts are so good.
  14. What Is Your Favorite WDW Treat?

    Another Dole Whip buddy! Honestly, they're just so good.
  15. So, I was able to go get some donuts earlier today. I am a very happy person. :D

    1. Chrisboy04


      Did somebody say donuts?

      What kind of donuts?