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  1. Oh and today was my sisters birthday :D

    1. Chrisboy04


      Oh, happy birthday to her I guess.

  2. Had a good day and everybody seemed super happy!

  3. Hey guys, just decided I'd have some fun and see what your guys favorite Disney character is and why My favorite Disney character is probably the Lamp from Disney Pixar because he always used to smack the little letter at the start of each Pixar Short Film and I really liked that in my childhood.. I guess that sounds kinda weird, but whatever!
  4. Mavly

    Despicable Me - Bug

    Hello, Staff, I was just having some fun on USO and I decided to get on the Despicable Me ride and as I finished, I was "Ejected" but it wasn't the normal ejection, I kinda stayed in my minecart and was just going back and forth on the ending rail tracks. For example: I wasn't put outside the ride I was just sitting at the end of the ride and it kept counting up the ride counter, (+1 For Despicable Me, +2 Despicable Me, etc.) I hope you know what I'm trying to say! So yeah, that's a fun bug, right? See ya! ~Mavly
  5. This Thanksgiving in Canada, I'm thankful I have the freedom to play on Palace network an be able to see all you amazing people! Love you guys so so much! <3

    1. ScanWorks


      Hello @Mavly!

      That's amazing! We are glad you enjoy the server! See you in the parks!

  6. Congrats ScanWorks xD


    1. ScanWorks



      Thank you, haha.

  7. Mavly

    How do you guys feel about Wreck It Ralph 2?

    Hey @JasperTheSpirit ! Seems like a really funny movie! I can't wait to see the princesses too! Also, welcome back !
  8. Mavly


    Nemo & Friends (Orlando, Florida )
  9. Hihi, my name is Mavly Welcome to My Introduction <3 - - ♡ My Interests ♡ ☆ Going to the theatre ☆ ☆ Riding my bike ☆ ☆ Travelling ☆ ☆ Astronomy ☆ ☆ Video Games☆ - - ♡ Facts About Me ♡ ☆ I'm Gay ☆ ☆ I'm a Scorpio ☆ ☆ My favourite colour is Aqua ☆ ☆ I'm Canadian ☆ - - ♡ Some of my favourite YouTuber's ♡ ☆ SSSniperWolf ☆ ☆ James Charles ☆ ☆ Shane Dawson ☆ - Thanks for reading my Introduction! (ꈍᴗꈍ)

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