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  1. Who cares about what they say about us or what they think, I just want to thank you @Brant for being an amazing person that I can just count on during my toughest moments. I want to thank you for helping me know that things will turn out ok and my past is in the past. You effortlessly bring out the smile on my face on a bad day and I'd never trade you for anything in the world. You're much more than a friend, you are one of the closest people to me and I will always be in your debt. I hope our friendship can last a lifetime, and honestly, thank you for always being there for me or just to hang out when I'm down. :$

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    2. SuperPotatqx


      No you're not!

    3. statawesomeguy


      This is honestly the most heartfelt thing I’ve seen 

    4. xErinn


      cuties <33


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