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  1. I remember that, Merik2008! I had that on my computer until recently. The amount of plugins that it takes to run the server would make a single player world be extremely tough to pull off, but I love the idea!
  2. redstone_slayer

    Favorite Disney Roller Coaster?

    I have to go with the Matterhorn. It never gets old.
  3. redstone_slayer

    Palace Network Information Sheet

    Wow, this is great! Thanks for putting this together!
  4. redstone_slayer

    How long will the Star Wars Land Queues be?

    It will be packed in Star Wars Land later this year. I would think there will be a line for entry to the land, probably stretching across DL and HWS. On top of that, I'd say the rides could have a seven or eight hour line each. Flight of Passage showed us all Disney prepares for large queues, and I can't even imagine how big the Star Wars queues will be.
  5. redstone_slayer

    What Is Your Favorite WDW Treat?

    I have to go with the classic answers here. Either Dole Whip or a Churro. A mickey ice cream bar always hits the spot, too.
  6. Really cool to look at it this way! Thank you for making this, MCGoonTV!
  7. redstone_slayer

    Favorite Version of Space Mountain..?

    I love the original, but my favorite overlay has to be Ghost Galaxy.
  8. redstone_slayer

    TOT Or GOTG? You decide.

    I have not been on GOTG yet, but people that I know who adored TOT seem to love it. I'm looking forward to checking it out in the next few months!
  9. Radiator Springs Racers is always incredible. The scenery is jaw dropping on the ride, and the indoor section is so cool. I've always also had a sweet spot for Grizzly River Run and the play area over there. Very cool theming, turning two normal theme park additions into a Disney experience.
  10. redstone_slayer

    Fast and Furious: Supercharged

    This ride has always been fascinating to me - I'm not interested in rushing to see it as I've been on the Tram Tour, but the queue and beginning section of the ride look incredible!
  11. I would love to see the Hogwart's Express, Kong, and Transformers! As a bonus one, I would love to see Poseidon's Fury as a continuously running show, like COP and SGE.
  12. redstone_slayer

    Haunted Mansion Suggestion

    I was just reading through this board now and I love this idea!

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