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  1. remember that time you fell asleep on your keyboard? me and will screamed to wake u up and u didnt
  2. sky, ily sm. omggggg you're one of my favorite people to hang out with and by far one of my best friends ❤️
  3. hihi! i'm polar, a tech trainee on the server, i want to introduce myself to all you cuties. so in my free time i love taunting @Cubits with shrek when he's working on laugh floor. i also like watching shows with @RRandomm and screaming in voice calls. @OcEaNoS_12 and @DylantodaMAX112 are JUST A FEW of some of the best friends i could have ever made online and i would have never met them without the help of palace ❤️ @krisyyng and @WILLINGWINGS81 are some of the funniest and also some of my best friends i could have never made if i wasn't on palace. now, let's get into
  4. hi lovlies, have a question for ya. whats your favorite ride on palace? doesnt have to be open at the moment however you've had to have ridden it at one point or another :wink:

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    2. Huxleigh


      Hmm I am not sure! I like all of them! I do like Big Thunder Mountain though!

    3. Daisy


      Slinky Dog Dash of course!

    4. AJK_Janey


      Not sure, splm is a great group ride to go on though!!

  5. its firework day in the us-of a, dont celebrate it since im canadian but, hope you all enjoy it :x

  6. status update! woah! i'm alive?!?!? who would've guessed. also @RRandomm is the coolest yeti alive cant change my mind. sorry not sorry. 

    1. AJK_Janey


      Yes. Best Yeti. But what about Disco Yeti?

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