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  1. ItzPolarBear

    How to play Palace

    wow u have the same exact computer as me #Macbook4Life
  2. ItzPolarBear

    New players be like...

  3. ItzPolarBear

    One Word Story

  4. ItzPolarBear

    One Word Story

  5. ItzPolarBear

    Moderator Application

    Homework Club*
  6. Hiya! Welcome to my moderator application, My maturity is an 8/10, Now you may be asking "Why An 8?" Sometimes I Can Get A Bit Jokey, But I Will not really use that behaviour when acting as a club moderator. Things I'm Good At (I Will Put Only B- And Up) Math, Social Studies, English, Science (Any Core Classes Except Health I Can Help With) My Favourite Subject Is; Social Studies And Math. (I'm Also Good At Writing If That Helps) I Joined The Club On December 28 (12/28/18) I Can Contribute A lot, I'm Normally On Around These Times; (All Times Are EST - Canada) 4:20(or 30)PM >Through> 7:40PM [Weekdays] 12:00PM >Through> 10:00PM [Weekends] Thank You For Reviewing My Application For Moderator In The Homework Rank, Thanks; ItzPolarBear
  7. ItzPolarBear

    One Word Story

  8. Hope you had a great time at our orca encounter today @ItzPolarBear :D Here's a picture from the event. 


    1. ItzPolarBear


      I Did JoshMC! :D

  9. ItzPolarBear

    One Word Story

    New Sentence: Also
  10. ItzPolarBear

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban techwolves then stop banning people >:D
  11. ItzPolarBear

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban techwolves MarioKart Is Better Than Sonic
  12. ItzPolarBear

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban techwolves "SEGA"

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