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  1. I'm currently taking a short break from @PalaceNetwork, as I need to finish a lot of homework, as well as my final exams for my last grading period, are coming up, so I feel as if I must study the heck out of them to pass. Thank you for your understanding! and also, I'm not dead. However, you may still see me on for a bit, if I decide I need to see some disney magic! :heart::)

  2. Happy Birthday @Joshmc_:heart:

    1. Joshmc_


      Thanks Polar :heart:

  3. Recently I have noticed something. The little padlock on the top next to the url for the forums, is now un-secure.

    @Vidsify @Legobuilder0813 @Brant @Mavly

    1. Mavly


      We're looking in too it! Thanks for reporting.

    2. Vidsify


      We're currently looking into it. In future please raise a bug report just so it can be tracked accordingly. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. Ok, so I took this picture at 18 Players, I thought it was also a glitch because of the -{#number}, but then I noticed the -24 when there were only 18 players on.
  5. Thx for following me!

  6. 105 Days! #SummerCountDown


    1. Joshmc_


      Ahhh can't wait!!! 

    2. Mavly


      I miss summer so much.

  7. Summer Count down:

    Every day until June. 14. 2019 (That's when school ends for me) I will be counting down until summer. A new gif every day until June. 15. 2019 (As the final gif will be celebrating me getting out of school) So Todays GIF will be posted at: 4:00-5:00PM EST. :) 

    1. Mavly


      Coolio :)

  8. I like the new GIFHY thing, I hope that they have looked into it though because some GIFs could not be Family Friendly. I've already found a couple of GIFs in the new GIF add-on that is not family friendly. @Brant @Vidsify @Legobuilder0813

    1. Mavly


      We'll look more deeply into the issue, but the GIF's are considered PG and we have no control over that. Sorry if this has raised any concern on your side.

  9. Miss you @JishE :heart::(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ItzPolarBear


      @JishE Haven't Seen ya on in a bit! :) 

    3. JishE


      Oh. Yeah haven't been on the server in few days

    4. Mavly
  10. Come see marge and Lisa Simpson! Who knows, You may even get a donut [!] /warp wig <!> Old Post <!>
  11. Hey @BunnyMari ! Amazing Introduction! Can't wait to see you around the parks!
  12. We've Started Work on our 3/4 lands! The one that we all know is in every Disney park in some form or another! Liberty Square!
  13. Palace Hit 100 Players Today! So I took some time to make an image.

    (Inspiration @Jishy_ @JustPlatinum)


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