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  1. Hey guys! I’m back from my show!! Sorry for being inactive 

  2. HIIi! I'm StatAwesomeGuy, but you can call me stat! (No but rlly plz call me stat). You will often see me around the server doing... stuff? I don't know, but I'm fun and nice and cool? I think? Still working on it. Some facts bout' me: I like games (SMASHH BROSSS) I am nice I don't bite. (usually, depends if i'm hungry) From your deductive reasoning, I'm assuming you can tell that I am a trainee. So... I train. Like not on train's you know the train's that go choooooooo, but the train's, where you learn. Some Lil' tips if you wanna see me in-game: Go on weekends (But not this upcoming one 2/23/19, I have a show) DM me on Discord and beg me to go online: I might. Be Lucky: HArD mOdE. BUt Yeaaaa..... Oh I almost forgot: I'm an actor, like an actor actor. I act. It's fun. I sing and play the piano. So every now and then I will be on discord playing meme songs on piano and singing duets with guests. its fun. So yea, that's a thing. .... ........OKay BYEEEE!!! Disclaimer: StatAwesomeGuy doesn't bite anyone, or anything; execpt food and shiny objects
  3. We’re gonna need a bigger door...
  4. This has been a dream come true. Thanks to everyone who believed in me that I could become a staff member!

  5. Tick Tock, I go Clock. Goodnight peeps!

    1. xFqdedMemory


      Goodnight Stat! o/

    2. Punkey


      Sweet Dreams!

  6. What time is it? Clock out time! Goodnight everyone!

    1. CamShea


      Goodnight, Stat!


  7. I am currently deciding (in the closet) and don't know! Also hi!
  8. Anyone a fan of Will Smith’s Genie?


  9. I’m genuinely so proud of this community! :)

  10. I love clocking out! It's so fun! Goodnight everyone!

    1. xFqdedMemory


      Goodnight! <3

  11. Clocking out for tonight.. so Goodnight, and happy national pizza day!

    1. CamShea




  12. Av you are actually so cool its not even funny
  13. So are you so good at making stuff like this? This is amazing!
  14. Clocking out tonight. Goodnight!

    1. SuperPotatqx


      Goodnight dude! :D 

    2. Mavly
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