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  1. i messed up a lot of friendships, life is stressful.

    1. seanscot


      Hey man, feel free to send a message if you need to talk.  Life isn't as bad as you think.  ❤️

  2. thank you for listening to my ted talk. even if you didnt care. :/


  3. i was doing alright but i see it coming, like that blind dude in rouge one star wars movie can sense the force, i can sense another down fall and i just dont know what to do and it stresses me a lot. i cant sleep at night because of it, i just want to stick to one day for a while and do all the right things.

  4. im always so bored in life, and boredness leads to depression. and like I cant do much about that. i love to video and do photoshop but never get the motivation to do anything which sucks. just want live to go back how it use to. maybe if i was more chill, maybe if i didnt waste my life on this stupid looking box that runs video game that makes your addicted.

  5. want times to go back how they used to and not mess thing up fr.

  6. What is up world, I was kicked from the Palace Discord for no reason. I ask the leader of the server and he is on break. Can someone please help me by listing who kicked me and why? I don't ask for much. If you can help you can see who kicked me in the Discord Audit Logs. Thanks

    1. TheCraftyBatman


      Hi Chewiee! We discussed this on the Server today. You'll need to connect with our Directors to see if they can provide clarity for you. Since you were only kicked and not banned, you are welcome to return at anytime provided you continue to follow the rules of the server. Have a good one!

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