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  1. KingChewiee

    One Word Story

  2. I am doing wonderful today. I just applied to be a character!


    1. Punkey


      That's great! Good luck to you!

    2. KingChewiee


      Thank you!


  3. KingChewiee

    Project Gemini

    Awesome work!
  4. KingChewiee

    Great Staff

    I agree, Palace has some amazing staff!
  5. KingChewiee


  6. Hey everyone, I would like to introduce myself to the community as KingChewiee. Some might know me from my last ign(MrGoldFish8989) I been in this amazing themepark/disney minecraft community for almost 4-5 years! I have been a donor since McMagic until it turned into The Palace Network and that is when I lost my old miencraft account so I had to buy a new one and now I am here with the second highest donor rank. I would like to thank the amazing people who make this server possible because I would not know what to do in life with out it. If you ever need to contact me, just message me on the forums! Thanks for reading this -KingChewiee

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