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  1. Hey its tea! I just noticed you aren't staff anymore. You were amazing! I hope to see you around though <3 

  2. Just noticed you're not staff anymore. We will miss you <3 

    sad homer simpson GIF

  3. is this real life?

    mother simpson.jpg

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    2. Aqua_Tem


      I s t h i s j u s t f a n t a s y

    3. Mavly



    4. SuperPotatqx


      caught in a landslide

  4. i think i should make a blog instead of posting on the official palace blog :ag:i make an update when it is done


    1. Mavly


      You definitely should.

  5. guess whose back,back again


  6. The egamer is a legend, no doubt.
  7. Great intro, keep up the grind for the Great Movie ride
  8. Dude, this is amazing, try to make your own shop on twitter, you can make some real money with your talent.
  9. how crazy a convo shifts it crazy, one second we are talking about bands and now we are talking about ukraine. dats wack

    1. Mavly


      Now we're talking about stitch!

      lilo and stitch GIF

    2. CowDestroyer1313
  10. love late nights with friends and watching movies

  11. about to start on some homework, math homework that I do not understand, send help pls thanks

    1. Mavly


      Same sis, skksks

  12. Is this the status update? skskskskskkskssesame street fainting GIF

    1. Mavly


      That's cute.

    2. cjh66



      Yes it is

  13. Hi, so I am making a new intro since I am a mod now, Wowie time goes by fast. So I been part of the community for about 5 years now, on and off. This was my second time applying for staff. That means if my dumb dumb can do anything, you guys can too. I like to play Rainbow Six Siege with my buddy YourSwiftySalad. As Mod on the staff team I hope to bring you some new events, funny content, and more donor perks. My Dm's are always open, so if you just wanna talk, let's talk. I think it will be fun to start getting to know about you. If you have any ideas for skits and such, make sure to dm me or post those ideas in Community Feed back and tag me! Uh so ya, I will be answering questions in the reply section of this topic or whatever I am creating (I am very new to the forums since I don't really use it, Still don't know how to do a status update sskksksksks) Thanks and have a Fantasmic day! (you see what I did there, sksksksksksk)
  14. I am doing wonderful today. I just applied to be a character!


    1. Punkey


      That's great! Good luck to you!

    2. KingChewiee


      Thank you!


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