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  1. SnowyTree

    A KInd Of Poll

    I prefer Magic Kingdom. I just have more fun and memories there. I bet that DHS is a lot more fun now with the Toy Story stuff that opened and the Galaxy Edge coming soon.
  2. SnowyTree

    1.13 information

    I might be a little late on replying but like the people above me have said. The server doesn't have a set date on supporting 1.13/1.13.1. I hope though that they will think about it soon.
  3. SnowyTree


    It actually is a good idea. but like @Ghoste said. People will just download it and claim that they made it.
  4. SnowyTree

    oOf hi

    Um ok how do I start this I'm SnowyTree and I'm "kinda" new to the forums. I had an account about 2 years ago and never really used it that much. I started playing Palace Network in May of 2016, then I just took a break and now I'm starting to play it again. So ya that's about it.
  5. Oof first message


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