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  1. (I'm putting this here cause the mk help post was closed) Btw I am on 1.12.2 and still can't see mk ( I still believe in magic) 

    1. ScanWorks



      Download Minecraft again. We apologize that you are having these issues.

  2. Drago768


    still getting [proxy] lost connection to server
  3. Drago768

    mk help

    still [proxy] lost connection to server.
  4. Drago768

    Ban the Person Above You

    /Ban cjh66 name doesn't make sense (yeah, sorry, that's all I could think of :P)
  5. if this bug gets fixed I would like to apply for either character or staff for mk

  6. Drago768

    mk help

    oh ok
  7. Drago768

    mk help

  8. Drago768

    mk help

    I can't join mk please help I can however join hub and creative (I wish I could screenshot the connection lost screen but i can't) but it says: [proxy] lost connection to server. AGAIN, I can join hub and creative.
  9. Drago768


    Hi, this maybe a Little bit confusing but I am able to go onto the hub (where I am currently) BUT, I can't /join ttc (or the theme park) it is giving me: "[proxy] lost connection". HOWEVER, if it is my connection How am I able to go on to the hub so i don't think it is my connection since i can join the hub part. can someone help me please?

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