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  1. Today has been long but very enjoyable!

    1. AphGabemikuMc1


      Oh thats great the day went well today drew! 🙂

  2. Changed Status to Confirmed
  3. @ItsBenDev This is a well known glitch were working on it should be fixed soon!
  4. @A_Joyful_Joey Hello! Sorry for a late response. This is a known issue and has to do with the resource pack. Thank you for reporting it though!
  5. Changed Status to Confirmed
  6. @Phantom This is a well known glitch were working on it should be fixed shortly!
  7. TheTimTracker, Midway Mayhem, DFB, Mickey Views, RobPlays, TPMVids!
  8. I really need to get together lol I say I'm doing a daily!


    One month later: Oh hi there starting daily 🙄

  9. I am tired. Very tired. Who's with me


    1. AphGabemikuMc1


      Same drew I come from work today! Really sleepy eyes

    2. Daisy
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