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  1. I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July!

    1. AphGabemikuMc1


      Thanks have a great fantastic fourth of July too you back!🙂

  2. I say chicken



    you say nugget!

  3. Congrats to @YesItsEpic with his promotion to USO Coordinator!! Well Deserved!!

  4. I am going to the Beach for vacation this Sunday! (don't worry it is an isolated location and private beach lol)

  5. So sad pride month is over :( I will miss the decorations and everything about it 😭

  6. Happy Birthday Remy! Anyone Can Cook! You are the best Rat ever ♥️

  7. Frequently Asked Questions: How can I apply? You can apply in-game now! Head over to /plotwarp Seaworld and find the application centrer! What is Seaworld Palace? SeaWorld Palace is a custom SeaWorld park on The Palace Network Creative server, where we strive to inform people on the conservation on our animals, and conserve marine life for generations to come! Who is the owner of SWPE? The original owner and founder of SWPE is ThePilotGamer! How do I get to Seaworld Palace? Simply join The Palace Network (play.palace.network), do /join creative, and finally go to /plotwarp Seaworld! What shows are currently at SWPE? We currently show One Ocean, Light Up The Night, Sea Lions Tonite, Ignite and Dolphin Days! When did SWPE open? Seaworld Palace opened on August 22nd, 2018!
  8. Welcome new guests! Cannot wait to see you guys around the parks!

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