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  1. Cake111111

    Magic Kingdom Monorail

    So recently, every time I ride the monorail to MK it teleports onto the resorts monorail. (That's it. XD)
  2. Cake111111

    Teacups in MK ride counter going Haywire

    @cjh66 and @ScanWorks Thanks for responding it is much appreciated!
  3. Cake111111

    Won't let me send messages on my Forums account

    @ScanWorks Thanks! I appreciate it!
  4. Not sure if this is a glitch or just me not fully verifying my account with Google Authenticator. So today I attempted to send a message, but instead of letting me write one, a message popped up that said 'You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later.'. Kind of upsetting. Hopefully, this gets fixed or a solution for me is found.
  5. Cake111111

    Palace Forcast

    @ItzPolarBear Thumbs up! Making more is a great idea!
  6. Hello, The other day I went on the Teacups, and my ride counter wouldn't work. Shortly after (Like a few minutes) it went to one. Then another few minutes went by, and even though I didn't ride it again my ride counter went up to two. This repeated to three, then I left MK. Hopefully, this can get fixed. Signed, Cake111111
  7. @Ross I think this is a great idea and it should be implemented in the future, like a long time in the future, as a long-term thing. By long-term, I mean something that is still on the agenda but isn't priority and might be worked on if there's nothing else to work on. I would love international parks to be added and think it's a great idea. Signed, Cake111111

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