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  1. I love playing on the server, and have for many years, but ever since the change to Palace Network, I’ve always hated the ranks or ‘titles’ players have had. I’m fine with all the staff being called Mods, Trainees, etc, but I hate that players aren’t Guests and DVC rank anymore. Now players are called Settlers, Nobles, etc. I’ve never understood this, since the server is trying to be realistic, except the titles sound medieval. This isn’t a big concern, and doesn’t necessarily have to be fixed, but has just annoyed me since.
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    Not a lot of people post here often
  3. Hey! We both share a common interest in becoming an animator, as I love art. Hope to see you in the parks
  4. Hello! In game, my username is Chickentoes3_FTW. The name Chickentoes actually came from my old Club Penguin account, and has stuck with me throughout. I’ve been with this server since 2013, but am just learning how to use the forums today! I’ve seen so many changes to the server, which has only enhanced the magic even more, and seen so many wonderful staff members in the process. About myself, I am learning French in school. I play soccer, and love art. My favorite Disney rides have to be Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Seven Dwarfs Minetrain of the Magic Kingdom. Slinky Dog Dash made a good impression on me as well, but I’ll have to ride it a few more times Hope to see you guys around the parks
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