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  1. /ban Gooby Spongebob is better than Danny Phantom
  2. /ban cjh66 you have no proof of DanteThePhantom having no proof of me having no proof
  3. /ban cjh66 for NOT summoning the Dark Maek on the Quidditch World Cup Game
  4. /ban PorkyPenguin for banning someone for banning people when you are personally banning people
  5. /ban cjh66 typos* help* me*. Yes I am a grammar police. Not really. why am i like this?
  6. /ban MagicA550 I thought banning people for them not being nice was a bad thing.
  7. /ban cjh66 for liking sheep. What about koala's?
  8. /ban davidzoo for saying 1313 is spooky numbers. I was born on April 13th. So ya.
  9. /ban whitbit0219 for banning Mavly for something good.
  10. /ban davidzoo for not realizing that nateexcx banned Mavly instead of whitbit
  11. /tempban Jishy_ 7d for agreeing that the meme is old. I will tempban you instead
  12. /ban whitbit0219 Not caring about capitalization!
  13. @Ghoste Can whit submit my answers for me?
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