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  1. How is everyone today? e-e

    1. Mavly


      Tired, Sad, Lonely, etc.

  2. Alright, Here's a status update <o/

    1. Mavly


      Hi o/

    2. Soniccc


      Hi EnzoGoober!

  3. EnzoGoober

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban Davidzoo for having ADL being too popular (Jk, you're park is amazing)
  4. Good morning everyone o/ The Pat's parade is today in Boston. (I can't go due to college)

    1. cjh66



  5. EnzoGoober

    Your favorite Characters at the Disney Parks

    I loved meeting Kylo Ren and Chewbacca in DHS!
  6. I like either the Monorail or the Disney Express!
  7. EnzoGoober

    What Is Your Favorite WDW Treat?

    I haven't had any treats at WDW but I'll have to pick Dole Whips!
  8. EnzoGoober

    How long will the Star Wars Land Queues be?

    Recently, I've heard that the main ride will be about 28 min in Disneyland. Might be the same for Disney World. So, I'm going to put at least something above 5 hours.
  9. EnzoGoober

    Disney College Program Questions

    I'm looking to apply for 2020's college program more in to fall. Is that a good time to do it?
  10. I would possibly rechange into what we have in today's society. Such as for the final scene, flat screen tv, Xbox, Computers and yeah.
  11. EnzoGoober

    Favorite Disney Roller Coaster?

    My favorite Roller Coaster is Big Thunder Mountain!
  12. I'm getting a new keyboard today! Can't wait to try it out.

    1. cjh66


      clickety. click click clack.

      print("I hope you have fun with it Enzo!")


    2. Punkey


      Awesome Enzo!

    3. davidzoo
  13. My arm has been hurting for about over a week. .-.

    1. cjh66


      Hope it gets better... :(


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