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  1. EnzoGoober

    Character of the Week - 5

    At first, it looked like Hercules. But I have to say it's Tarzan!
  2. Soooo, I am just learning that my microphone for my computer is not working. I will be expecting a new one in about two weeks.

  3. EnzoGoober

    Fill in the Blank #1

    @Canis18 "A Pizza Shop and brought pizza for every single staff member."
  4. I have to give a complement to all of the Managers, Admins, and Developers because they work hard for the server everyday and keeping the magic alive.
  5. EnzoGoober

    Palace Forecast - June 13th, 2018

    Amazing newsletter! And congratulations to the New Mods'!
  6. Enzo how did you make your sig text to be really big?

    1. EnzoGoober


      When you are in signature, there is a option to change the size where it says "Size" in the options just like Google Docs.

    2. cjh66


      oh, i never used Google Docs so OH WELL xD

  7. EnzoGoober

    Character of the Week - 4

    Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2!
  8. EnzoGoober

    Whats your favorite park at Disney?

    @Kawaii_MeifwaAt WDW, my favorite park is Epcot! I love Test Track, Canada Pavilion and more.
  9. EnzoGoober

    This Way or That Way?

    Hi @Pink_RoseBud! Over at World Showcase, I like to mostly visit Mexico first then go around in a circle. Maybe one day I may start in Canada? I will never know.
  10. EnzoGoober

    Palace Network Attractions & Information Sheet

    Amazing! Nice Information!
  11. EnzoGoober

    Word association

    Symphony in the stars!
  12. EnzoGoober

    Palace Forecast - June 5th, 2018

    Amazing newsletter @FluffyTheCat! I can't wait for the end of the month party!
  13. EnzoGoober

    Walmart Store Riot RPG

    @SurvivalSam*Wishpers* "I do know where Chris is. Do /tp SurvivalSam Chrisboy66" Then you can find him.
  14. EnzoGoober

    Walmart Store Riot RPG

    *Calls @Canis18* "Um, Hi Cani, Do you want to steal the bikes with me before Sam does?"
  15. EnzoGoober

    Walmart Store Riot RPG

    *Goes to the Salsa isle and steal all of the salsa before @Cassiopeiya gets them.* Me "Here's a salsa jar for you"

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