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  1. NitroPenguin_

    Hey! I'm Nitro (Update)

    You will! <3
  2. NitroPenguin_

    Audio 2 sign

    Hello! This is Unconfirmed as of right now. I will try to see if any staff have seen this problem anywhere else.
  3. NitroPenguin_

    Access MagicBand from [Hotel] sign

    Hello! I recommend in future that you don't spam press the back button.
  4. NitroPenguin_

    Can't get rid of stuff or get it

    Hello! This I believe can be due to your ping as with entities, it takes a specific amount of time to pick them up (unless you live in Palace's basement). @Sock_Sowachowski @limegreenicy
  5. NitroPenguin_

    Show Creator

    Hello! This is a known bug. This has been happening to me also. @Legobuilder0813 @Musician101
  6. NitroPenguin_

    Hey! I'm Nitro (Update)

    Heyo! My name is Nitro and I am a Noble (soon to be Honorable). I have previously creating an introduction but i'm creating another one because IT'S 2019 BOYS! Anyhoo, here is the tea. 1. My name is Nitro 2. My favourite show is Canis Cooks because logic 3. My inspiration is @limegreenicy 4. I am a Salsa King (Salsa Queen @Cassiopeiya) 5. My favourite park is Animal Kingdom 6. I was featured in the Donor Interview on the recent Palace Forecast 7. I am a penguin (Who knew) 8. I am a printer (Fight me @ScanWorks) 9. My favourite movie is Finding Nemo 10. My favourite character is Stitch 11. My favourite staff member is, of course, @limegreenicy 12. My childhood game was Club Penguin And that's about it. Thank you all for reading my introduction and I hope to see you all in the Parks.
  7. NitroPenguin_

    Added Players

    Thread needs it's status put to Closed
  8. NitroPenguin_


    I am going to agree on that one. Haha.
  9. Alright, the Discord has spoken. My message reached 5 reactions for me to buy Honorable soooo...yeah. Today is my last evening as Noble. Reee.

    1. cjh66


      Today is my *Insert Nine spam here* 99999999999999th day as Dweller, and not my last day... for another Nine Thousand days :p

    2. NitroPenguin_
  10. NitroPenguin_

    Palace Network Information Sheet

    Really tiny but thanks for making this thread.
  11. NitroPenguin_

    Use my word! (Disney Themed!)

    No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. My word: Dream!
  12. NitroPenguin_

    Cannot Click Off of Pending to View Other Bug Reports

    Nevermind, disregard. Close this please.
  13. Heyo! I have started to work in the Bug Tracker helping some other people but I cannot view the latest. It just keeps me at Pending and nothing else.
  14. NitroPenguin_

    Sociel Media

    Hey Lewernce! Links should be working. Make sure you have your chat on so it's not Commands only nor Disabled.
  15. NitroPenguin_


    Hello! Sadly you will have to use the Crafting Table. This has not happened to me before so I don't know if it's rare or if it is just some players.

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