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  1. Right. As an Arbiter for Manticore, it is my duty to help advertise the club. But, due to low votes of people not wanting a tryout, Manticore will be suspended until we get a Tryout going. Sorry if this sounds pushy, but Manticore is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work at Disney as an Elite Security Guard.

  2. NitroPenguin_


    @DaddyGeesh Welcome to the group! Hope you enjoy.
  3. Yes! Today is the day. Today, we are releasing our brand new Theatre! The Opening Ceremony will be announced here by either me or the Coordinators. As a member of this brilliant team, I would like to invite you all to join us.
  4. Heyo! Today is the Grand Opening of our brand new Theatre! As a Trainer here at SWPE, I would like to invite you all to a performance you will never forget.
  5. Heyo! My name is Nitro, and I am a new Trainer here at Seaworld Palace Entertainment. I have some things to share with you all so let's go! 1. I am a Manticore Arbiter (basically the Leader) 2. I am Team Instinct 3. Honorable 4. Stitch is my favourite Disney character 5. Keet is my favourite Orca, Cocoa is my favourite Dolphin 6. Dolphin Stadium at San Diego is my favourite 7. Dolphin Days is my favourite show
  6. NitroPenguin_

    Staff Ranks on The Palace Network

    Nice guide! I love it.
  7. NitroPenguin_

    Canis18's **UPDATED** Introduction

    Love the intro! #KnightsOfTheRoundCheese
  8. NitroPenguin_

    Police Box

    Hello! This is probably because the staff have removed the command block that warps you back to Cinderella's Castle.
  9. NitroPenguin_

    Can't Start Show

    Hello! This has happened to me. Make sure that no shows have the same name and check if anything is actually on the GUI before starting it. If it shows it has no name, you will then have to delete that show and start again.
  10. Ok, how on earth have I won the day? That is impressive. Thank you all.

    1. davidzoo


      You had Liked content

  11. Guess who now has Honorable!

    1. BlueMC_Chic
    2. Camster824


      Good job, Nitro! :)


    3. ScanWorks



      Thank you for donating!

  12. Today is my last day as Noble. YAY!

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    2. cjh66


      Today is my Umpteenth-Centrafugillionth day as Dweller. YAY!

    3. Aidam66


      You're finally upgrading? Congrats! :D

    4. NitroPenguin_
  13. NitroPenguin_


    That is something I am agreeing with.
  14. NitroPenguin_

    Hey! I'm Nitro (Update)

    You will! <3
  15. NitroPenguin_

    Audio 2 sign

    Hello! This is Unconfirmed as of right now. I will try to see if any staff have seen this problem anywhere else.

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