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  1. Hello. This is well known due to the recent 1.12.2 update where you could save your toolbar. Please contact our creative team. Necessary tags: @Sock_Sowachowski @limegreenicy
  2. Hello. This is not very known. Please provide proof of this happening. Necessary tags: @Innectic @Musician101 @Legobuilder0813
  3. Happy Wednesday afternoon everyone. Make today the best day of your life.



  4. Manticore Tryouts are being suspended until when I can do one.

  5. Manticore Tryout postponed to Wednesday at the same time due to a private reason.

  6. Manticore Tryout postponed to tomorrow at the same time due to a private reason.

  7. Manticore tryout will be at 3:30pm BST (10:30am EST) at /plotwarp Manticore. Please stand shoulder to shoulder on the black carpet and do not speak once you are in the /role.

  8. Applications for Manticore will last until Thursday. Settlers will be able to apply on Monday onwards. DVC are currently eligible to apply currently. DM me on Discord your Minecraft name and rank.

  9. This is just to simulate real life. If it happens in all parks, that means it happens in MK as well.
  10. Hello! This may seem like a bug. This has happened to me before with many famous people who I tried friending but then I relogged due to lag and I saw that they were on my /friend requests and I accepted them but obviously, it didn't since they didn't send it to me.
  11. Hello! This is because we want to simulate what it's like in Disney. Like how we eventually get hungry while at Disney.
  12. Message from the Manticore Chief Greetings. The Manticore Training Area can be used by anyone for if they want to host a training of some sort. All you have to do is just reply to this thread saying why you want to use it. Cheers.
  13. Message from the Manticore Chief

    Greetings. DVC members can now apply to become a Manticore member by dm'ing me on Discord. Settlers will be able to apply on Sunday. There will also be a Manticore Tryout at 3:30pm BST (revert back to your timezone if you need) on Saturday. Please make sure to read the guidelines via the Manticore group.

  14. Message from the Manticore Chief

    Greetings! The Parks Security Team known as Manticore is having a website done today. All our info will be on there. Only people who are accepted into it will have access to it while Zealot and above will have access to edit. Due to us not having members, our website will not be active as of right now. I am not going to post the link due to advertisement but this is just an update post about what is happening in the division (Scan, please don't give me a warning, I beg).

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