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  1. Anyway, with that out of the way, how is everyone's Quarantine going? Personally, I am enjoying it due to the fact that I love my bed so I can just sit in it, be warm, and do whatever I want. Remember to stay hydrated, stay healthy, and spend time with your family. Love you all!

    1. DaddyGeesh


      Mine has been pretty good. I went to Walmart yesterday and its so weird seeing people six feet apart and wearing masks, some people were even wearing gloves. After I (tried) to go to Starbucks, but it closed at 1 PM? I was confused, but apparently that's what places do now.

      Pick up litter, save a life.




  2. So uh... I log onto the forums and see that I am currently first on the Leaderboard... How?! I haven't posted anything in ages so how I even am leading is impressive.

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