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  1. Come quick /warp advent for 3 amazing characters, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger!
  2. Simba was on! I logged on and almost missed him but the queue re opened for a sec! He is at /warp simba!
  3. Come all quick to /warp oftf to a character dinning with the Grinch!
  4. Hello everyone! I would just like to alert you all that there are some events happening today if you do not know! At 11:00 am (est) there will be advent and Universal Day! (During both of these there may be characters!) At 4:00 pm (est) there will be a special showing of Grinchmas for all guests! (This is show with Characters, aka. The Grinch) Also there may be a meet and greet with the Grinch after the showing. (Not 100% sure though) Thank you! -Twizzle
  5. Guys come over asap! Our first character alert! Come meet Jack Sparrow at /warp pirate!
  6. Thank you guys so much for joining this club! I am sorry it has not been active but I have been really busy, also there as not been any characters or events on recently as of this week. I also would like to make sure that everyone knows they are welcome to post if there are on during a character (if they want to.) Thank you guys! Sorry again!
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    One Word Story

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    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban techwolves for spamming on this post 12 times
  9. Twizzlebot


    This is a #Palace Pix of me on Saturday when Seasonal opened!
  10. Twizzlebot

    Greetings + Club Idea

    Thank you
  11. Twizzlebot

    Greetings + Club Idea

    I am Twizzlebot! (You can call me Twizzle) I just joined forums! I have an idea for a club, would anyone be interested in a character/event/activity alert? We can post/alert each other when a character is online or when a event is happening so we know. If anyone is interested let me know! Thank you everyone! <3 -Twizzle

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