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  1. Hello everyone. My name is Brobot, but you can also call me Brobot817 or by my REAL name: Jack! I actually prefer you to call me Jack instead of Brobot, but you can call me whatever you want. Here are all my ranks I've had on the server: [Guest] - 2013 [DVC] - 2014 sometime [Shareholder] - 2015 [Intern] - May 2014 and then November 2015 [Cast Member] - Sometime in 2016 [Dweller] - Nov 2016 [Noble] - 2018 [Majestic] - 2019 [Trainee] - July 2019 [Mod] - August 2019 Some of my good friends I've met here while being on the staff team are @brendem7 @mermaidcat @Magicstic @keyoni @Avlyy @Sebway_ @AyyTeam @Disneyfan @PanicAtTheJedi @Ulyk and then my longtime friends who I've known for over 5 years now are @Leroy_The_Frog @Maddiethegreat_ @gameyamy I am always eager to meet and talk to new people so if you aren't on this list it doesn't mean I dislike you, it just means I haven't gotten to know you yet! 😃 My favorite animated Disney movie is Ratatouille and my favorite Marvel movie is Spider-Man: Far From Home! I also like the star wars films. Hope to see you around!!!
  2. Boma is a buffet restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge and one of my favorite restaurants in WDW. In the morning they have a buffet featuring breakfast food with an African twist, and for dinner you can try some delicious traditional African food. Some of my favorite things on the menu are the fufu (sweet potatoes) and the watermelon rind salad with ginger. But my all time favorite thing has to be the zebra domes! They're delicious.
  3. The float does! I like that too. Mmm. That sounds good!
  4. This is a violet lemonade I had during the flower and garden festival this year. Tasted great and made for an amazing instagram post! What's your favorite drink at the Disney Parks?
  5. Yeah, my mom's vegetarian so this is our family's go-to quick service at MK!
  6. Feel free to post any delicious food you find at the Disney/Universal parks in this forum.
  7. Pecos Bill is a fabulous spot to grab some quick Mexican food at the Magic Kingdom. Offerings include tacos and nachos, and there's a condiments bar with a various assortment of toppings. It's my personal favorite quick service in MK!
  8. Hey! My name is Jack, some of you might have known me by Brobot. I've been playing on Palace since 2013. My favorite park is Epcot, my favorite ride is Living with the Land, and my favorite character is Figment. Hope to see you all in the parks!
  9. What's a lesser known area of WDW that you think more people should know about? Mine would have to be the Marrakesh Restaurant in Epcot. It's not very popular, but the food is delicious and something any adventurous eater should try out. 😄
  10. RobPlays and TheTimTracker are my favorites!
  11. Today's spotlight is on the Tomorrowland Popcorn Cart. You can get Popcorn, Ice Cream Treats, and Drinks here. A great way to refresh yourself while in the parks!
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