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  1. I'm getting close to 1,000 profile visitors :D

    1. Soniccc




    2. Twizzlebot


      I was your 1001!

    3. Ghoste


      Oh wow I actually made it thanks <3

  2. /ban cjh66 "idk" is not a date.
  3. Ghoste

    Week 3

    UPDATE I've found out that there are some people that are having issues with the planets, so I'll be nice and give out the name of the planets! D'Qar Jakku Takadona Those are the three planets that are in the Word Search so now all you guys have to do is find 12 out of the 15 words which are all characters from the film.
  4. Ghoste

    Week 3

    Oh! One more thing, because this is a Star Wars crossword puzzle, there are names of planets and characters from the movie that you have to find!
  5. Ghoste

    Week 3

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last Mystery Word Search! Anyways lets do a recap of what this game is. This game is obviously a mystery word search puzzle where you will have to find 15 words of a certain Disney or Universal Studios movie. To enter this game and receive the special, but very secret prize, please message me (Ghoste Of Christmas Future #6803) the words you found and the movie it is from. However you must get them all correct! You are allowed to work together, but you cannot share the answers with ANYONE on discord. If caught sharing answers, you will be disqualified from the game and not able to receive the surprise. Just to make it easier for you, this week's movie is Star Wars. Here's the thing, you have to guess the episode. The winners will be announced next Saturday (December 15th) and will receive their surprise! Good luck to you all!
  6. Ghoste

    Greetings + Club Idea

    That would be pretty nice! Also welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here <3
  7. /ban cjh66 Insufficient permissions to teleport
  8. Good luck to those who are applying for a character!

  9. The weekend is getting closer to the end ono

    I'm sad but like can't wait until Winter Break :D

  10. Ghoste

    Forums Update

    Woot woot
  11. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving <3

    1. ItzPolarBear
    2. Soniccc


      Thank you. My thanksgiving went well.

    3. Ghoste


      That's great :D

  12. Yay no school until next Monday :D

    Time to procrastinate and spend my time doing stuff on palace lol

    1. Soniccc


      Hey! I’m on break also. Enjoy the rest of your break and have a wonderful day. Congratulations on Moderator @Ghoste

  13. I am a lime now... first I was a green bean 

    Evolution is weird lol

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    2. CowDestroyer1313


      I’m missing just like irl xd

    3. Ghoste
    4. ItzPolarBear


      lol sorry @CowDestroyer1313 I Forgot To Add You xd

  14. Man FNTM was amazing :D

    Hope everyone enjoyed it! 

  15. Ghoste


    See Vidsify understands Anyways 4

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