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  1. Ghoste

    Week 5

    That's fine
  2. Ghoste

    Week 5

    Hello everyone! Yes I know it has been a month and like 3 days or so since the last time we had a word search, but hey look we're back! Anyways lets go over the rules again! It's time for week five of the Palace Mystery Word Search! Anyways lets do a recap of what this game is. This game is obviously a mystery word search puzzle where you will have to find 11 words of a certain Disney or Universal Studios movie. To enter this game and receive the special, but very secret prize, please message me (Ghoste#6803) the words you found and the movie it is from. However you must get them all correct! You are allowed to work together, but you cannot share the answers with ANYONE on discord. If caught sharing answers, you will be disqualified from the game and not able to receive the surprise. The winners will be announced next Sunday (February 16th) and will receive their surprise! Good luck to you all!
  3. You're too extra Galaxy but hey good introduction c: So like welcome
  4. Ghoste

    Hey Hey ;))

    sksksksksksksksksks HI AV
  5. Ghoste

    Ohey There Nice To Meet Ya

    See first of all I don't even ride the teacups I just watch you guys also hi
  6. I'll just like both of your stuff @statawesomeguy & @Mavly

    1. Mavly


      I won't like this status update.

    2. Ghoste


      I won't like your stuff then :>

  7. /ban Mavly No he is not
  8. Ghoste

    Thank you to all my staff friends

    Cani and Cow are pretty great
  9. /ban Mavly You are a bully
  10. Wow its you

    1. Mavly


      I guess so.

  11. /ban DanteTheGucci You're not that gucci
  12. Shhhh I am no where
  13. I need to keep track of my signature and all cause like I had my christmas discord name OnO


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