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  1. /ban cjh66 Does water hurt you too?
  2. Ghoste


    Yay Smiley Anyways 3
  3. It has to be the person above you. Anyways /ban xzMrHOLLyWOoDxz You have too many capitalized letters
  4. /ban colefb9 General Kenobi told me to
  5. This is one of my favorite ones xD


    Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 6.18.35 PM.png

  6. /ban masoncapeheart You aren't the original Doge
  7. Wow we made it to 1000? Well 1004
  8. Wow it's Friday something I've been waiting for... like always.

    Well have a good Friday people :D

    1. POVGamer


      Same here. We all deserve it.

    2. Ghoste


      Indeed we do 


  9. /ban LucyPie Having a cat as a profile picture but is called LucyCat
  10. Alright so this game is easy. Pretty much you have do ban the person above you for a weird reason like this: /ban Ghoste He is very spooky Here's the thing the reason cannot be inappropriate or break the forum rules, because that will not be good. ALSO You are not actually going to get banned for playing this game!
  11. Ghoste


    11 Love you long time guys <3
  12. Ghoste

    Halloween Horror Nights

    Don't worry @cjh66! HHN will take place again this Friday at 7 PM EST! So maybe you won't miss this one <3 Anyways @SuperPotato711, Those are great pictures! I hope you had fun.

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