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  1. Good luck everyone :D

    1. ScanWorks



      Good luck!

    2. SmileyGamerGirl


      Thanks! You too!

  2. Well I am going to be away at school meaning hey guess what? I won't be able to get on all the time. Oh well ;3;

    1. cjh66
    2. ScanWorks
    3. Ghoste


      I'll try to have fun at school


  3. Ghoste

    Disney Character Name Game!

  4. Ghoste

    Disney Character Name Game!

  5. I am so excited for the new Star Wars land
  6. I've never posted a status update here... dang.
    Well here is a status update, which is probably going to be the only one since I don't really do status updates ;)

    But hey I'll try

  7. Ghoste

    Monorail Scenery

    I agree with that, cause I mean there isn't really a lot of scenery when we ride the monorails.
  8. Ghoste

    What Is Your Favorite WDW Treat?

    The popcorn is very addicting to be honest
  9. The reasons why the server is so popular is because of all the activity, the events, and the amazing staff team, as you guys are very helpful.
  10. Ghoste

    Character of the Week - 10

    It's Morgana
  11. I like the Polynesian even though I was only there for a breakfast reservation at 'Ohana. It just looks so beautiful

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