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  1. Spending some time this week working on my next trip to Disney this summer! What is one of your favorite things to do when you aren't visiting the parks?

    1. Mavly


      I love sleeping when I'm not at the parks. But if you're talking about what I like doing at my hotel, I really enjoy swimming!

  2. /ban Jaybay1313 for bringing up Nickelodeon on a Disney server.
  3. AND you are in an awesome Mansion Butler skin? Today is your day, Gooby!
  4. I love these! Can't wait to give it a try.
  5. Not a surprise there - and a wonderful Hufflepuff you are!
  6. I would want to work in the correspondence department: a behind the scenes role where you reply to the people that write in with their customer service comments and questions. Or on their social media team for the @WDWToday account on Twitter.
  7. Hello, Palace pals! I'm Batman4Life33 and I'm finally feeling bold enough to write my forums "Meet the Staff" post! I became a Trainee on the server in February of 2019 and now am a Moderator officially. I've been playing on this server since February of 2016. I look forward to exploring the parks with familiar faces and new users alike. When I'm on the server, you can typically find me riding the rides in Magic Kingdom. I love going on group rides and saying hello to the 999 happy haunts in the Haunted Mansion. It's my favorite ride, both online and off, and it's really full of imagineering magic. If you'd like to join me for a ride, let me know! Off the server, I'm a midwestern mousketeer with a passion for reading about the history of and planning visits to Disney parks. Making it to every park is definitely on my bucket list, but I haven't been to the international ones yet. I'm lucky enough to get to Disney World about once a year and most recently was there for Princess Half Marathon Weekend. I'm NOT a runner, but did the 5K and 10K which was a big achievement for me. If you'd like any advice on planning for a "race-cation", ask away! I also love board games and baking cupcakes. Favorite Disney Movie: Aladdin Favorite Pixar Movie: The Incredibles Favorite Non-Disney Movie about Disney: The Boys (documentary about the Sherman Brothers <3) Favorite Princess: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Favorite Villain: Ursula or Hades Favorite Orlando Rides (1 per park): Haunted Mansion, Spaceship Earth, Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest Favorite Anaheim Rides (1 per park): Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Radiator Springs Racers Favorite Park Treat: Mickey Pretzels Hope to see you around!
  8. Splash Mountain is a log flume ride, but does that count? My favorite "pure" roller coaster has to be Expedition Everest because the story behind the ride is so well done.
  9. A classic! Hope you have fun meeting him!
  10. I would love to meet him! Take pictures! <3
  11. Thanks for sharing the event, @LucyCatx! I hope everyone enjoys meeting the Disney couples!
  12. Meet the smartest kid in Springfield, Lisa Simpson, at /join uso /warp child
  13. Thanks again for helping me today when I stepped on the wrong button at the character meet and greet. :)

    1. Mavly


      How nice of you, @ScanWorks !

    2. ScanWorks



      You're welcome! Hope you enjoyed meeting the characters!

  14. Epcot's character spot has a whole group of pals waiting to meet you! Take pictures with Silvermist, Doc McStuffins, Russell, Sneezy, AND Anastasia! Join all the fun at /warp CS!
  15. That's exactly why I haven't tried it yet! Lol. Hopefully this time I stick with it!
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