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  1. Congrats on Staff Member of the week! ❤

  2. Trading Places! Which is a movie that is too old and too inappropriate for most of you reading this.
  3. Hi there! What is your Minecraft username? I can look into this matter further.

  4. Oh my gosh I remember that day on Hypickle! I had forgotten all about it, but look at us now: we are game buddies for life! Great interview you two!
  5. The songs I love the most have changed a lot from when I was a kid (Feliz Navidad and RunDMC's "Christmas Is" on repeat!). But for me now, I have always been partial to a sultry rendition of Santa Baby.
  6. I feel famous! Thank you, @sofieology, for sitting down with me to talk about life behind the scenes at Palace! I feel like a celebrity. I also love seeing a bit of my tsum tsums on display (I have over 300!).


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    2. baifelicia


      running there right now to check it out!

    3. JustBrody


      i loved this interview so much!🥺

    4. LegenDanii


      this was a super interesting read! 😃

  7. Hello Palace Pals! It's time to don the dots and tie on some festive bow ties because you are cordially invited to Mickey & Minnie's Birthday Bash on November 15 at 2PM EST! This special server event will celebrate the big cheese himself as he turns 92 years old! (Don't you think he looks great for his age?) Mickey was the first cartoon to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame so you better believe we're going to roll out the red carpet to celebrate these two icons. Guests can expect festive snacks, music, and new interactive experiences sure to delight all ages. There may
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