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  1. This week's forums game is a little bit wicked. I had a hard time with it! Can you find all the differences?


  2. Recently our team accepted applications for our brand-new Guide Program on our server. Guides are a non-staff position that are primarily tasked with answering questions in chat and encouraging other guests to join them in playing games and having fun on the server. They are here to assist you all with your queries such as finding a warp to a ride, if there are characters online, and also providing updates on a variety of different projects around our network. They will try their best to answer any questions you have which you feel need answers. They are also tasked with hosting group rides around our parks as well as hosting some mini games such as hide and seek and sardines. I can assure you, they are all very excited to help! Look for these [G] tags in-game to help identify our Guide Program members. Do you need help on the server? We have introduced a new command (which some of you have been practicing) that allows your questions to be highlighted to members of our guide team. All you simply have to do is /helpme followed by your question. A Guide team member will quickly respond and help you with whatever you require. Make sure to use this command properly and ensure that you are lovely and kind to our new Guides! Now for the moment you have been waiting for! Introducing your new Guide Team! @Acttoo @Aewo @Aidam66 @Aquaticalo @audition_anna1 @CatzKitten93 @CharlotteGrande75 @Crafty @Daisy @Disneyland1955 @elsiplay @heavenest @KermitTheFraud @LemonyOrange @LouieWho @mystiqu3 @PonPonPopFishyy @rainbowpup028 @SkillAuraMate @SwumSlum @SorcererAndrew @Tiiago @WarriorJakob @WendysTendies @WILLINGWINGS81 @DanteGoatGhost Make sure to congratulate them on the server! We wish you all the best of luck as Guides! Sincerely, The Palace Network Guest Relations Team P.S. - If you are interested in becoming a Guide, applications open whenever our network needs additional members of the program. You can check out our application page to check and see if they are open and apply!
  3. Here at Palace Network, our team is typically talking about pixie dust, pixels, parkour, and pickaxes. But over these past few days, the tone of what is happening outside of our block radius is much different. It's a scary time for a lot of people. We can't escape the news coverage and shifting governmental regulations as the world reacts to, and tries to make sense of, the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that Palace Network has become an escape for many of our guests as well as for our staff members. It remains a constant presence in an environment that is teaming with uncertainties on the daily. It is a way for us to connect with our friends and our Minecraft theme park community, which at times feels like our family. This is something we need more than ever when we are being asked to be physically isolated from our real-life family and friends. It is with that same spirit of community that Palace Network is partnering with our fellow network, MCParks, to donate a portion of both networks’ online store sales to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund. This fund goes directly to critical response efforts to help prevent, detect, and manage the coronavirus. It is our networks’ way of coming together as a community and helping those who need it most. Beginning at 10 a.m. EST on Tuesday, March 17, the entire Palace Network online store will be on sale for 50% off the regular price. This includes cosmetics, ranks, and sponsorships. 75% of every purchase made will go directly to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund. This promotional period will last for one week and we thank you in advance for your support of this important cause. On behalf of our network and our friends at MCParks, thank you for keeping our community a safe, fun, and positive environment to be in. We hope our servers continue to be your escape from anxiety and bring some much needed magic to you and your friends. Take care and be well. Sincerely, Your Pals at Palace Network
  4. Please don't let the delay in updating my status make you think any less of this news, but I am THRILLED to have two of our Coordinators on the network recognized for their exceptionally hard work and dedication to server.

    @Rosscoe is your new GR Admin working on developing moderator staff training and bringing our new Guide program to life. 

    @YNGx is your new GR Admin working on our beloved Character program and handling any guest concerns that are reported.

    Both are wonderful staff members who always know how to create a little magic for those who visit our server. If you see them online, please be sure to extend a big congratulations to them. I can't wait to show you what the GR team can do. Along with our wonderful GR Coordinator, @SmallestCube, I'm lucky to work with such a great group of leaders.

    1. SmallestCube


      Can't wait to see the awesome things we're going to do together! Proud to be part of such an awesome team. :ba:

  5. I know it's late (or early depending on your perspective), but thank you everyone for making my first day as Palace Network's newest Assistant Operations Director such a wonderful day. Your kind words and enthusiasm remind me daily how much I love this community and why I work so hard to make Palace a special place for everyone. 

    Cheers to a great big beautiful tomorrow!

    1. PanicAtTheJedi




    2. pinkiness


      Congratulations on this incredible honour Batman! I couldn't think of anyone that deserves it more - you deserve the world! Cannot wait to see what you do with this position! 🥰

    3. Daisy


      Congratulations, Batman! It was well deserved!

  6. After a weekend of fun and exciting announcements, we've officially closed the books on Pal16, our first Palace Network expo! The weekend wouldn't have been so special without our hundreds of guests who came out to support the various staff teams and Creative Server companies who contributed to this spectacular event. Pal16 is our take on a similar convention that Disney holds for members of its D23 fan club. Pal16 celebrates all the magic we've been creating for you since the network was founded in 2016 and all the magic yet to come. If you weren't able to join us, let's recap a few exciting panel announcements that were shared exclusively at Pal16! Events Team: From Planning to Execution The Events Team is not one to rest on their laurels. After completing a survey this year of what guests want to see at events, they are putting that feedback into action. With advances in technology to our events, you can expect even more interactivity and WOW the next time you join us for a special program. If you are a witch or a wizard, January 25 will be your chance to have a fully immersive Harry Potter experience on our USO server. From being sorted into your Hogwarts house via the Sorting Hat to being whisked away on a memorable journey on the Hogwarts Express, you'll love this magical event. Don't forget your robes and wands! Character pals are coming for a special character dining event at the Crystal Palace. You'll be able to meet a lot of your favorite friends while sharing a meal with other players. Finally, you won't want to miss a very evil program in the works. Be on the lookout because our favorite Disney Villains are returning for Villains After Hours! Look out for a few fiendish friends and a fire-breathing dragon coming to Magic Kingdom soon. All About Creative Creative started off our Sunday programing with a HUGE announcement. At last Creative is getting an update and a new leveling system! When you join the new Creative server, you can choose to start with the leveling system or use our current system. With the leveling system, you start at 75x75 and can level up to a 401x401 plot. The higher the level you earn, the more World Edit access you will have. These permissions mean that World Edit can be earned and used even if you don't have the Shareholder rank! There is no set time for implementation or any announcements about plot resets, but we will share updates with you as they become available. Along with the general leveling changes, the Creative update will also come with plot owner updates. These include new roles and plot owners can manually give permissions to each role. Those who are Co-Owners will also be able to edit shows, if you allow it! We love seeing our Creative server get a little love and we can't wait to share these new changes with the players of Creative. If you can't wait for our Creative overhaul, that doesn't mean that you still can't experience the excitement of a building challenge. Our monthly Build Off competitions are returning! Team up and complete a timed build along to a surprise theme. Stay turned to our Twitter for more dates and details. Palace Interactive At this exclusive session, attendees got a sneak peak into the latest from Palace Interactive. Independent of the Minecraft server, Palace Interactive is a standalone company working to bring to you a yet-to-be-named community communication platform. This is a service for everyone, not just family friendly content. However, there will be the option for some communities to restrict certain content and impose more strict moderation guidelines if desired. The goal of this service is to let people create, discover, and engage in communities that matter the most to them. The more you use the platform, you will level up which will allow you access and customize the application even more. A screenshot of a demo profile was shared with attendees and we loved seeing your reactions to the service in its early stages. Connect with @PalaceInteractive on Twitter if you want to learn more as we get to work on this innovative new platform! Building With the Build Team Our builders make the magic on our networks one block at a time! We heard from a panel of experts as they explained techniques for making more detailed builds as well and a sneak peak into the Parks projects we can expect to see on the server soon. With the promotion of our Builder _Knave to Coordinator, him and Ulyk will be leading us to a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars' Galaxy's Edge! This build will be one of the most accurate and ambitious Palace projects we've seen yet. We're thrilled to be able to take you right to Batuu! There is no set date for this land to be opening, but we'll share previews with you as we complete the construction project. In the near future, you can expect more changes and additions to our Disney Resorts! The main focus right now is The Contemporary Resort near Magic Kingdom. Besides that, NEW resorts are coming too! You'll be able to check in to All Star Resorts, Pop Century, and additional MK properties. Looking at whole park projects, our next focus will be a refreshed Animal Kingdom. Our builders have been hard at work practicing building trees for this big construction task. Finally, the Parks team have also been making changes to our Resource Pack. You'll notice that our dolls and plushies have been switched to Pop figurines not too long ago. This also included an often requested addition of "The Child" available at /warp tatooine! If you are interested in creating models, we have a new modeler program you can apply for. This is not a staff role, but participants will get an in-game tag to highlight their contributions to the program. Builder applications are also being accepted so if you'd like to get "hands on" in our parks - apply today! The Creator Project is no longer a requirement to join the Builder team so show us your best builds and we look forward to reviewing your applications! The Character Program Our most animated team closed out our weekend of panels with more information about what it takes to be involved with our Character Program. One change to our program is that you will no longer need to take character training prior to applying to become a part of the team. If accepted, we will train you on the job to be the best character you can be! Finally, the best news from this session was that Character applications are now open! From Genie, to Merida, to a whole host of Star Wars pals, there is something for everyone. We hope you'll consider joining our team! Once more, thank you for all you do for our network. We hope you'll join us for another event real soon!
  7. Thank you for such a great panel today.

  8. It is Wednesday my dudes.

    Starting to get amped for Pal16 (Palace Network's own mini convention) this weekend. You can look for me on the Guest Relations panel on Saturday! We have a sampling of some of our Moderating team who will answer questions about what its like to be on our staff team and what they like about Guest Relations. Hope to have you join us for the fun!

  9. This was INCREDIBLE to read. Even a staff member, you forget all the little things that happen over the year that add up to one big successful year! Thanks for making magic with us!
  10. 4. Could we find you meeting guests at a Disney Park?
  11. Thank you so much for reaching out and welcome to Palace Network! I hope to see you on the server soon. :ah:

    1. Etgar


      Thank you so much! I can't wait to be part of a community this wonderful.

  12. TheCraftyBatman: Guest Relations Manager. Well that has a nice ring to it.

    Looking forward to spending A LOT more time on the server creating magic with everyone. Thank you all so much for this amazing opportunity.

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    2. SmallestCube


      I couldn't think of anyone else more perfect for this role, such a genuine and caring person who's always there when you need some help or just a chat in general. I'm glad I'm able to work by your side in the Guest Relations aspect, as well as becoming a friend of yours. Here's to making many more memories together and for Palace Network! Congratulations Batman! :heart:

    3. Etgar


      May not know you very well, as I am quiet new to the community, but congratulations on your promotion!

    4. Disneyfan


      Congratulations, very well deserved!!!

  13. Thanks so much for letting us know - I'm going to tag @ActualFacts and @Grandom so they can have a look when they are working on the attractions next. Yo ho!
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