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  1. Please don't let the delay in updating my status make you think any less of this news, but I am THRILLED to have two of our Coordinators on the network recognized for their exceptionally hard work and dedication to server.

    @Rosscoe is your new GR Admin working on developing moderator staff training and bringing our new Guide program to life. 

    @YNGx is your new GR Admin working on our beloved Character program and handling any guest concerns that are reported.

    Both are wonderful staff members who always know how to create a little magic for those who visit our server. If you see them online, please be sure to extend a big congratulations to them. I can't wait to show you what the GR team can do. Along with our wonderful GR Coordinator, @SmallestCube, I'm lucky to work with such a great group of leaders.

    1. SmallestCube


      Can't wait to see the awesome things we're going to do together! Proud to be part of such an awesome team. :ba:

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