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  1. Zillent

    The Grand Serenity Theatre

    [Update] All construction was stopped and the plot was cleared for future projects but, Harmony Theatre still is in construction and updates of that are coming-soon too!
  2. Zillent, don't leave Palace. ;( Please.

  3. It is with sad regrets I will be officially leaving Palace due to several issues that been going on and its time to move away. So thank you to everyone I met over the years and I will cya guys around.

    Yours truly: Zillent

    1. SurvivalSam


      NOOO! Zilll! :/

    2. Walt123


      Noooo Please dont

    3. partygeezer


      Bye Zillent. Although I never really knew you or talked to you on the server, your builds were always amazing. Good luck.

  4. Busy week as I got Prom, Senior Trip, and Senior ditch day for Deadpool 2 :D

    1. SurvivalSam


      Oof, good luck.

    2. MaelieMoo10


      I have a calendar for it on here and a skin cuz meh excited aswell


  5. Zillent

    Some new renders

    So recently got a new rig and have been messing around with it a bit. Currently getting new light rigs and working on animation set rigs as well.
  6. Just wanted to make a small update. I won't be around here much as I am moving onto other stuff, senior year is coming to a closing. So it's time to move onto much bigger goals, so thank you all who have been there with me and I will pop in once in awhile.

    Have a nice day!

  7. I'm willing and waiting for it.

  8. until next time...


    1. Zillent


      Indeed friend 

  9. Hope everyone has a good Sunday! and remember to keep the planet we all love clean.

    1. PrinceRisk


      Im doing great, how about you?

    2. WilliamVsGaming


      I'm doing swell, You Zillent?

  10. Hello everyone! Hope your Saturday is fantastic!

  11. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!

    1. PrinceRisk


      Yes sir e, I’m indeed having a great Friday, what about you?

  12. Zillent

    My Random, But Cute Home.

    Nice build!
  13. Zillent

    The Grand Harmony Theatre

  14. Hey everyone!

  15. Night Palace!


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