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  1. Hope everyone has a good Sunday! and remember to keep the planet we all love clean.

    1. PrinceRisk


      Im doing great, how about you?

    2. WilliamVsGaming


      I'm doing swell, You Zillent?

  2. Hello everyone! Hope your Saturday is fantastic!

  3. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!

    1. PrinceRisk


      Yes sir e, I’m indeed having a great Friday, what about you?

  4. My Random, But Cute Home.

    Nice build!
  5. Hello everyone! How is everyone today?

    1. anthony28117


      I’m doing great, thanks for asking. 


    2. PrinceRisk


      Im doing great, what about you?

    3. Zillent


      I am doing good too! Thanks for asking @PrinceRisk

  6. A Call For Help!

    Seeing brand new segments would be neat and maybe showing off highlights of people who actually made videos about palace and etc.
  7. Suggestion - Forums

    Love the concept! @Cherrybud
  8. The Grand Harmony Theatre

    Two more builders were added. @BrittzStudio_ and @FrancisDaPugtato are also helping on the project!
  9. Sandstone Towers

    Look good dude! @LavaRats314. keep up the good work