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  1. H.W.Inc.™ develops external projects in partnership with other companies, parks and people who seek help for developing or building such projects in creative. Through it's subsidiary H.W.Ent.™, the company is able to assist in making these projects tangible. We are opened to proposals for assisting in external projects, but keep in mind that we must analyse the viability of such projects, and not always they will be accepted, for a number of reasons, varying from a short schedule by the own H.W.Ent.™, to the unfeasibility of the project itself. All external projects developed by H.W.
  2. Since 2017, Happy World Inc.™ is responsible for building and managing the Happy World Land Park, a rendition of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. The first H.W.L. was never officially opened since it was cleared by a server bug around 2018. After a year hiatus, we restarted building the park to it's former glory. Current works include hard building, landscaping and gardening made by the Happy World Building Company (H.W. Bldg. Co.™), and theming, ride development, detailing and redstone engineering are being made by Happy World Enterprises (H.W.Ent.™). Through H.W.Ent.™, the compa
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