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  1. Doesn't it happen for a reason?

  2. Good morning everyone, today's the big day. 💜 On November 9th, 2016, the Palace Network was officially established to the community. That's over three years ago. In celebration of this giant milestone, we've created the "3 Years of Magic Celebration!" This magical celebration would be featuring offerings such as: revisiting the old Magic Kingdom, a Club Disney extravaganza, and our own take on the popular "1 Day 4 Parks" challenge prevalent at the real parks. Firstly, let's discuss how we'd be bringing back the Old Magic Kingdom to our guests in a big, unique way! Ever since we've open the brand new New Magic Kingdom, we thought many of you would like to revisit the old map we've kept up since 2014 or possibly haven't. To appeal to both audiences about this, we've started up a temporary server with the Old Magic Kingdom within it, and you can do literally whatever you want with it. From exploring the parks or blowing things up! Players are given the free ability to place/break all blocks with Creative Mode on the former map. Can't wait for you all to enjoy this once in a life time event. "Goodbye to Old MK" would be from 1:00 p.m to 1:45 p.m EST. The special IP is called: goodbye-mk.palace.network, that's where players can connect to. Hope to see you go crazy on this event! Secondly, the Community Events Team gladly presents to you all the "3 Years of Magic Anniversary Extravaganza!" held at the former Club Disney complex located beside Rockin' Roller Coaster: Starring Aerosmith. This party isn't like any normal one, for this time there has been many face-lifts to improve Guests experiences. Our wonderful technicians took time out of their day to dig into the foundation of the complex to ensure a visual enhancement & new additions. Also, Character Interactions are present alongside Trivia featuring prizes for the winners! The "3 Years of Magic Anniversary Extravaganza!" would be from 2:00 p.m to 3:30 p.m EST. Conveniently held inside Disney's Hollywood Studios, /warp CD, we're excited seeing you all there to party up! To continue the celebration, we should focus on what made Palace what it is today. Our Parks. Specifically, our Walt Disney World Recreation. Right after the "3 Years of Magic Anniversary Extravaganza!", we'd be hosting a "1 Day 4 Parks" Tour that's surrounded around all our parks! Toured by one of our Staff Members, similar to the previous "Let's Explore!" events, this offering would expand on that idea, literally! Touring around the parks is one of the most enjoyable factors of Palace, so come along and participant with a fully in-depth experience of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom parks! "1 Day 4 Parks" would be held from 4:00 p.m to 5:30 p.m EST. Discord is recommended for this experience to participate with the tour. If you need any assistance with that, ask any of our Guest Relations Staff Members. Make sure to bring your mickey ears and wands! That concludes all our offerings for the "3 Years of Magic Celebration!". We'd like to briefly mention how grateful we are for each and every single on of you. Without any of you, Palace wouldn't be where it is today. Our future stays bright and we'd like to thank you for that. Remember to also simply just say Happy Birthday on Palace to show your appreciation to all the hardworking Staff Members we have! Other offerings being presented randomly throughout the day are the custom nighttime spectacular "Magical!" held at Cinderella's Castle and decorations scattered around the New Magic Kingdom. Have a magical day, now, let's all celebrate!
  3. Congratulations on Developer! Knowing your work from before, I know you're truly right for this role. :neo:

    1. Amids


      Thank you!!

  4. Have a cookie :3 🍪

    Fine. Also some warm milk. 🥛

    1. Daisy
    2. PeachMKP


      thank you for this

    3. Jordyn



      thank you

  5. Hello everyone, I'd like to mention a couple of things before I head out to bed here in a few.

    Firstly, I want to say thank you to each and every single one of you that come on Palace and support it everyday. It's truly deserving to our community. Secondly, I've been having not the best life as of recent. However, you all have been helping me through each and every day to continue forward and succeed. Thank you for that. 

    I love you all, keep being magical everyone for you all are truly special for who YOU are!

    Have a good day now or night depending on the time you are seeing this. Cheers! ~JustPlat

  6. College is today! Nervous but I'm hoping for the best!

    1. PanicAtTheJedi


      You got this Colton!


    2. AphGabemikuMc1


      Good luck with College!@JustPlatinum you got this!😉/❤

    3. TheCraftyBatman


      Thrilled for you. You are going to really impress everyone with your talents. Enjoy every moment.

  7. Dude, that's sick! If I may ask, what's the font used here? It's something I may actually consider using for our Graphic Designs in the future.
  8. Hey man, congratulations! 

    1. ActualFacts


      Thank you so much, Colton! ❤️

  9. 2 days late but congrats on manager!

    1. JustPlatinum


      Thanks, @MrDino!

  10. I've already said it several times but a huge congratulations on Manager!! You deserve it. 😊

    1. JustPlatinum


      Thank you!!!! Means so much.

    2. SmallestCube


      You're most welcome!!

  11. I remember when you was an admin xD

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