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  1. JustPlatinum

    I need help...

    @cjh66, I use Cinema 4D for my renders
  2. JustPlatinum

    some of my art,,,<3

    Those are very well made, keep it up!
  3. Thank you for 1,000 views on my forums account, means a lot, honestly.


    Keeping staying awesome guys!

    1. owensanto4004K



  4. JustPlatinum

    I need help...

    Hey there @cjh66! It's funny that you mention Cani's header, which I created fyi , you're always able to hit me up on Discord if you'll like a commission.
  5. JustPlatinum

    Tips for Disneyland! (1 day)

    As a Disneyland fan like myself, I strongly agree with most of these suggestions. Thank you! Have a magical day
  6. How's it going all you amazing peeps? 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. JustPlatinum


      Doing well, @JustinsWorld4U, thank you! I love Sorcerer Mickey.

    3. JustinsWorld4U


      @JustPlatinum And I do love my Disney Gifs ;)!

    4. cjh66


      @JustinsWorld4U i thought you just like Stitch xD

  7. JustPlatinum

    Character of the Week - 1

    Looks like Flynn Rider .
  8. Twlight Zone Terror of Terror, Maliboomer, Mulholland Madness, & California Screamin' were my favorites.
  9. JustPlatinum

    TOT Or GOTG? You decide.

    Went on both Guardians & Tower of Terror in Disney California Adventure, honestly, ride experience wise it has to go to Guardians, but, with the theme and enjoyment goes all the way to Tower of Terror.
  10. Millennium Falcon flying towards Space Mountain thrusting into space. (For other server & Watermarked). Millennium Falcon going light-speed. (For other server & Watermarked).
  11. It was a pleasure meeting Mickey & Minnie this afternoon!2018-04-21_13_45_28.thumb.png.ca5833b464fc5d850c137676bde93763.png

    1. HakunaMaKatie


      That is such a cute picture! I wish I could have been on!!


  12. Seeing many of the applications are coming to a close, and I'm going to wish everyone, from Character to Trainee applications, good luck.

  13. I’m seriously appreciated for who makes me feel motivated. Thank you is all I can say!1A1457A4-B608-4991-8E31-6B35C7FAAAD5.thumb.jpeg.83bcad56a87090851a2fe3b06feb6081.jpeg

  14. JustPlatinum

    A little taste of what I've created before!

    Haha! Lovely to hear

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