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  1. I like your new profile pic :3


    1. JustPlatinum


      @cjh66, Thank you! Did it last night.

  2. JustPlatinum

    I need help...

    @cjh66, I use Cinema 4D for my renders
  3. JustPlatinum

    some of my art,,,<3

    Those are very well made, keep it up!
  4. Thank you for 1,000 views on my forums account, means a lot, honestly.


    Keeping staying awesome guys!

    1. owensanto4004K



  5. JustPlatinum

    I need help...

    Hey there @cjh66! It's funny that you mention Cani's header, which I created fyi , you're always able to hit me up on Discord if you'll like a commission.
  6. JustPlatinum

    Tips for Disneyland! (1 day)

    As a Disneyland fan like myself, I strongly agree with most of these suggestions. Thank you! Have a magical day
  7. How's it going all you amazing peeps? 

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    2. JustPlatinum


      Doing well, @JustinsWorld4U, thank you! I love Sorcerer Mickey.

    3. JustinsWorld4U


      @JustPlatinum And I do love my Disney Gifs ;)!

    4. cjh66


      @JustinsWorld4U i thought you just like Stitch xD

  8. Millennium Falcon flying towards Space Mountain thrusting into space. (For other server & Watermarked). Millennium Falcon going light-speed. (For other server & Watermarked).
  9. Personal Logo Icon,(Background Hogwarts) . Disneyland Map pamphlet Personal Palace Icon Other server related Media ad.

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