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  1. JustPlatinum

    Generic Company

    Very well done! I enjoy that.
  2. JustPlatinum

    Hiya! I'm Lily!

    This is a fantastic introduction! Very informative and full of personality. Glad seeing you back Lily!
  3. I totally relate! I try when I have the opportunity. @quinnconnolly03
  4. Merry Christmas everyone here at Palace!

  5. When developing the current Palace Network LLC style for all ad's from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!
  6. JustPlatinum

    i made something with google images and photoshop =P

    Great! Snow's a bit much, but I see the general concept. Well done.
  7. JustPlatinum

    Me and a Dog

    Same with Potatqx, great!
  8. JustPlatinum


    Great work!
  9. JustPlatinum


    You’re always welcome on drawing myself! My in game name: JustPlatinum. Thanks!
  10. JustPlatinum

    Palace Forecast - November 19th, 2018

    @cjh66, bloopers are very difficult to achieve in a text format. On our videos however, they aren't going anywhere I believe.
  11.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Remember, to check out this week's Palace Forecast! It's located underEpisode_8.thumb.png.345215c737f4fd5abe3fdf98f465530d.png our Announcements & News topics.

  12. Hello everybody! Welcome back to this weeks Palace Forecast! Due to being a bit busier this weekend, the alternative of video productions are the newsletters! Hope you enjoy this weeks format, so let's jump right in! General News Yesterday, was Mickey's 90th Birthday! In celebration of this special mouse, our Magic Kingdom server features a special mini seasonal, Mickey's Toontown! Mickey's Toontown features many special offerings: The Great Mickey Ride, Gag Factory attraction, an all new show, and special areas for characters to meet! Enjoy Toontown while it lasts! All of our honorables were able to get ready to fly to the place where dreams come true last Saturday! Disney Dreams - an Enchanted Classic, premiered on the Disney Wonder! Disney Dreams is an award-winning, 50-minute musical live show celebrating the power of dreams. This special performance plays in the Walt Disney Theater aboard the Disney Wonder on Deck 4, Forward. Future performances of Disney Dreams - an Enchanted Classic will be more widely available for all guests, so let's get excited! Missing your fix of Grinchmas? Now it's the time to cheer! Grinchmas Wholiday Spectacular returns starting with a V.I.P. showing! All V.I.P guests, meaning Dweller+ will be able to watch this retelling of the classic tale. Approximately on this Saturday, at 4:00pm EST, all V.I.P guests should not miss out. Happy Holidays! Creative Spotlight Here is this weeks Creative Spotlight! This weeks spotlight was created by Gent5, with the theme being a theme park displaying several rides, and shows! Here's some photos featuring the plot: Congratulations Gent5, and for everyone else, enjoy this weeks Creative Spotlight at /warp cs on creative! In addition, Creator Project applications are still open, and looking for participants! If you have any creative builds you want to get credit for, or just wanting to submit a hard working project, make sure to not forget to apply! Here's thee link to the form if you are wanting to apply: https://forums.palace.network/topic/4002-the-creator-project/ , thank you! Party's Palace Trivia Question Welcome back to another installment of Party's Palace Trivia Question. I will be asking you a random Disney, Universal or Palace Network trivia question. To answer the question, post a comment on this newsletter before revealing the answer. Alright heres today's question… "In the movie "Frozen" how many brothers does Prince Hans claim he has?" A. 5 B. 12 C. 10 D. 8 If you got the answer right feel free to let us know down in the comments on the newsletter, and Ill see you all next week for another Party’s Palace trivia question! Have a magical day! Conclusion Thank you all for reading this week's Palace Forecast! Remember to check with our social medias for instant access of events, announcements, and more. Have a great week! See you all later! Typed & Scripted by JustPlatinum Organized by MrFirespark & thepartyboy376
  13. ;)


    1. cjh66


      is... is DLR nearing Completion? PlS sAy YeS kThXbYe


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