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  1. I remember there was this one whale when I went for my 10th birthday I can’t really recall the name though I’ll see if I can find the name again all I can quite remember that it was a boy and that it was one of the Whales at SeaWorld San Diego California but that’s all I can really remember
  2. Still up it’s 12:04 am so tired... 


  3. 1 WEEK LEFT TILL MY BIRTHDAY  cha cha dog GIF

  4. 15 days till my birthday 

    happy disney GIF

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    2. Joshmc_


      Happy early Birthday then @PrinceRisk :D happy birthday rainbow GIF

    3. PrinceRisk
    4. ScanWorks


      @PikaGirl7 and @PrinceRisk,

      Happy early birthdays to you both!

  5. I can’t get rid of the other one so imma make a new one ”Song as old as rhyme” Finish: It’s The Circle of life and it...
  6. ...Of flying pigs that poop cupcakes () Finish: “Then he said...”
  7. Why am I status updating so much..

    and I found my way to the gifs!

    monsters inc fainting GIF by Disney Pixar

    1. PikaGirl7


      I think it’s because I’m bored xD

  8. I just realized that the screenshots that the castle is in are all dark because the lights weren’t on Whoops
  9. I have my little cousins birthday party so I won’t be on tomorrow sorry about that

    Edit: It’s because my computer is huge and I’m only going for a day 

    1. 02Jamez02


      Aww ok


    2. ScanWorks



      No worries! Have fun!

    3. PikaGirl7


      Turns out I’m not going so I’ll be on

  10. Wishes is Starting in 10 Minutes at the Magic Kingdom Dont Miss it at /warp Castle!


  11. /ban PorkyPenguin for making a star wars reference
  12. Hello Mateys! Jack Sparrow is currently on the Palace network right now at /warp Pirates Be fast though because he may just leave dock! This time i met Him with skrhak4 and heres the pictures i got!




  13. Lotso Is currently on The palace network and i met him with 02Jamez02 Heres the pictures i got

    also while were on the topic of toy story, Toy Story Land is coming and heres a sneak peak shot i got




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