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  1. I cbb to go bk to school tomorrow H E L P

    despicable me love GIF

    1. xDobby


      I go back tomorrow awell. oof

    2. JordynDaSpahget
  2. well all, today I changed username I am now in the 4U squad as PanicAtTheJedi4U for a month :o


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mavly


      I am not 4U!

    3. SuperPotatqx


      The qs are best 😏

    4. PorkyPenguin


      The best squad is the Scranton squad

  3. Have a great easter all!cross eyed walt disney GIF

    1. JordynDaSpahget
    2. brendem7


      Happy Easter 🐰 

  4. 1. Inside Out 2.Toy story 3 3.Lilo and stitch
  5. lets play a game of rate the rat out of 10 this cosmetic IS AMAZINGGG


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PanicAtTheJedi4U
    3. PorkyPenguin


      Ok thanks! I checked on it and none for my costume 

    4. SuperPotatqx


      I think I may buy the cosmetics today! :D 

  6. What characters are u all coming as to tsl if so? ive finished a jessie skin and im looking at getting a cosmetic aha

    1. PorkyPenguin


      I’m not coming I’ll probably be wheezy though. I’m somewhere important when it opens so.. sadness ;-;

    2. JordynDaSpahget


      I'm not dressing up... but I'm coming :P

  7. Im just a soul whos intentions are good, oh no please don't let me be misunderstood 

  8. k so I wanted to sponsor that ride thingy but guess what I don't have enough ;///////////////////////////////////////


  9. ok im the first guest to use a tsl bin -they moved the boarder a lil further-biggest achievement of my life SMH ricky rat be proud


    1. JordynDaSpahget


      I was second to use it >:3. Yeee

    2. brendem7


      Lol that’s great

  10. its the ricky rat club hat

    1. brendem7


      Disappointed, thought this was supposed to say potato lol

    2. PanicAtTheJedi4U


      it was but then I had an idea to start a new brand called the ricky rat club hat

  11. sorry ive been inactive for the past few days some dude decided to wipe my whole server lol ill be more active sooooooon anyway-97 REP BOIS LETS GET 100 :o

  12. hey so can someone get this straight-so I have all but one egg for the hunt and I have 2 mk 2dhs 2ak 2epcot 1 hub 1 ttc 1 uso and I thought the last one was uso but ive been circling uso for hours and cant find the second egg is it actually in uso or somewhere else

    plz reply asap

    1. SuperPotatqx


      I still haven’t done any of it. I’m on vacation so can’t. :P 

    2. JordynDaSpahget


      Yeah there is a second one in USO. I found it. If I see ya on the server I'll help you find it.

  13. I think I found a tone of the easter egg hunt early-lOL


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