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  1. BSLG2802

    Finish the Lyric!

    "Variety add spice to life So we should celebrate" finish: You're the saddest bunch I ever met, but you can bet before we're through mister...
  2. attention all Minecraft: our time has come to take back our rightful place as the best game ever we will take it back by saving those old Minecraft players that lost there way to Minecraft and found fortnite it is time to take back our game and destroy fornite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. BSLG2802

    Customizeable parks

  4. random can you add me to yeti expeditions I had to go when they started to get viewed

    remember I helped at it


  5. BSLG2802


    aww thank catz
  6. BSLG2802


    I am Bslg2802 but please just call me BSLG. I joined palace in 2018 during October or September, the first time I heard about the server was back when it was still mcmagic when I watched robplays video. I love Disney and I mean love! my favourite ride has to be all of them my favourite Disney song is a friend like me from Aladdin. I LOVE STITCH!!! I first started Minecraft on my iPad ha I can still remember I used to think a crafting table was a rabbit cage. so that's me just now so yeah I guess that's my storey
  7. if so would you like to join my kingdom keeper club?


  8. I was wondering if you heard of the kingdom keeper book series



    1. ScanWorks


      Hello @BSLG2802!

      I have heard of it, yes. It's a very good series!

  9. hi what is your favourite kingdom keeper reply

    1. for Finn Whitman

    2. for Philby

    3. for mayback

    4. for Charlene

    5.for willia 

    6. for jess

    7. for ammanda

  10. BSLG2802

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban jaybay for being an awesome friend
  11. BSLG2802

    One Word Story


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