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  1. /ban Davidzoo for banning daddygeesh for talking about bans when your banning him so that means you talking about bans so your banning someone for the exact same thing you are doing
  2. I joined palace in 2018 around October time and since then I've made tones of friends with people who had more experience than me and been on longer than me, I'm going to name those amazing people and tell you why you should be friends with them! Whitbit0219- whitbit is one of my best friends! she's smart kind and funny! if you ever need help you can ask her. she can always help you feel better if you are feeling down that's why you should make friends with her. itzamepuggo- puggo is one of my best friends too! he has helped me with tones of stuff and he is smart kind a funny too! you should make friends with puggo if you want to laugh a lot! I have so many more friends! that you should make friends with but ill leave it at that. I hope I can stay friends with them forever and I hope that you can become friends with them too
  3. /ban jaybay1313 for not knowing da wea
  4. reply yes if you like my new profile picture or reply no if you dont


  5. /ban nateexcx because you didn't do game right

    I need to warn you. so last night the owner and co owner of a server where having fun when someone called luzopeor joined

    but after a few minutes of them joining the server's console got hacked and luzopeor was saying in chat that they where hacking it so I need you to all trust me on this if somone called luzopeor joins either keep an eye on them or ban them 

    I don't want the whole of palace needing to reset like my friend's server had to 

    so please trust me on this


    1. Sock_Sowachowski


      We will forward the message on. Thank you for letting us know! 

    2. BSLG2802
  7. /ban mavly for banning chjh and for not giving a good reason to ban somone for not a good enough example for banning me (try saying that ten times fast)
  8. "when we turn the page" finish: Take a glance and then you'll...
  9. "part of your world" finish:you just rember what your old pal said
  10. maybe palace might not be as good as I thought


    1. xFqdedMemory


      You have to remember that there's plenty of opportunities to be a staff member. Plus, there's going to be lots of people who don't get accepted for many different reasons. So, it's perfectly acceptable to feel disappointed if you didn't make it! Just remember that there are other chances! <3

    2. KingChewiee


      I am sorry that you didn't get accepted! Good luck next time! See you on the server!


    3. BSLG2802


      guys btw after I posted that 1 minute later I was fine XD




  12. NOOO I DIDINT GET ACCEPTED FOR STAFF thanks a lot for ruining my dreams

    1. ScanWorks



      There is always next time! We get a lot of applications every round. I didn't get staff until me 13th try. Never give up! 

  13. "Variety add spice to life So we should celebrate" finish: You're the saddest bunch I ever met, but you can bet before we're through mister...
  14. attention all Minecraft: our time has come to take back our rightful place as the best game ever we will take it back by saving those old Minecraft players that lost there way to Minecraft and found fortnite it is time to take back our game and destroy fornite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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