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  1. Camster824

    hOI everyone!

    Shea there, @Aqua_Tem! Awesome intro! You're a great friend in the parks, and I'd love to do stuff around the parks with you and friends! See you on the Palace Network!
  2. Camster824

    Use my word! (Disney Themed!)

    The Monorail is the best way to get to the parks (in my opinion) My word: Firework(s)
  3. Camster824

    UPDATED Introduction

    Like the updated intro. I've been to Disney World more times than I can count lol. See you in the parks!
  4. Camster824

    Hey, I'm xFqdedMemory!

    Shea there, xFqdedMemory! Awesome intro! I love hanging out with you and rooting you on in games/events! You're a great friend! See you in the parks!
  5. Good Morning everyone! I know it's Monday, but try to look past it and have a smile on your face. :)

  6. Good luck to everyone who applied! I hope to be able to work with some of you! :)

  7. Camster824

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban whitbit0219 For getting eliminated in 4 Corners after I put my faith in you
  8. Camster824

    One Word Story

  9. Camster824

    Its me! StatAwesomeGuy! I don't bite!

    Nice intro, my guy! Glad to be your friend on the server!
  10. Nice introduction! Glad to see you're having fun on the server!
  11. Hey everyone! I'm having a magical day, what about you? Do anything interesting? :)

    1. Sock_Sowachowski


      I am quite alright! Just working on projects!

    2. xFqdedMemory


      I'm studying for a bunch of tests right now! (Well, I know it doesn't seem that way since I'm replying to you, but I swear! :))

  12. Camster824

    CamShea says Hey!

    Hey there! I'm CamShea (You may have seen me on the server as Camster824 in recent days, but now I'm CamShea)! I love baseball, laughing with friends, and I hope to become a Lawyer/Public Defender when I am older. On the server, I strive to be the friendliest and most active person you will meet. I'm always down to ride rides, see shows, be friends, and just be Goofy (gawrsh!) whenever I can be. My favorite ride is Test Track/Soarin'! I'm always down to take photos and chat with you guys, I'm super friendly, so don't be afraid to talk to me, ask me questions, ask me to do group rides with you, play games, etc. I try to help everyone too, even if I'm not 100% correct. I'm aware this isn't too long, but I like to show how I act and do things rather than explain them, so come find me on the server for the full experiece! Thanks! -CamShea
  13. Camster824

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban StatAwesomeGuy You spoke too much about the rules of B A N, and for that you must be hit with the ban hammer.
  14. Camster824

    Favorite Disney Movie

    Hello! In this thread, we will be discussing our favorite Disney Movies, and WHY they are our favorites!

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