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  1. Good luck to everyone with staff applications! <3

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    2. statawesomeguy


      Thanks! It will be a fun experience for all of us applicants!

    3. EnzoGoober


      Good luck to you as well!

    4. Juliang999666
  2. Hope everyone is having a good day today!

  3. xFqdedMemory

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    Q: Quasimodo!
  4. xFqdedMemory

    Its me! StatAwesomeGuy! I don't bite!

    I like this server too! Good luck in high school (I'm right there with you!)!
  5. xFqdedMemory

    Hey, I'm xFqdedMemory!

    Hi everyone! I'm xFqdedMemory, and I've been playing on this server for almost a year now. It's been pretty inconsistent, but I've definitely been coming on a lot more recently, and I plan to continue doing so in the future! I really love interacting with the friendly community on the server! I'm always down to chat, make friends, and especially do things like group rides. In my real life, I really enjoy working with computers. I want to work in a programming field when I get older, whether it be animation, game design, or something else of the sort! Also, I really like macaroni and cheese. Just felt like adding that in there ;D I love all things Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars (I know they're owned by Disney, but they deserve their own category ;)). I'm pretty much a huge nerd. Anyway, that's about all I have. Bye! <3

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