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  1. Welcome to the ADL Parks Manager Team! 

  2. ItzAMePuggo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    YAY thank you
  3. \/

    1. Mavly


      What's this o.O

    2. Punkey


      \/ to you also

    3. ItzAMePuggo


      IDK what this is


  4. Cake taste good

    1. Mavly


      Very delish :hypnosis:

    2. Punkey
  5. Well I finally changed my name

    1. Mavly


      Very nice.

  6. BREAKING NEWS Mods Sock, Sinco , and Scan have admitted to stealing the Buzzy animatronic from the Wonders of Life Pavilion. This is a terrible crime and Sock , Sinco , and Scan should be brought to justice for committing this crime. We currently dont have enough information on this to bring them to justice or to find Buzzy. If you know anything please message me here on the forums or on the discord. #FindBuzzy

  7. ItzAMePuggo

    Aladdin the Musical next week!

    In just a week we will be showing Aladdin the Musical at the Pug Theater
  8. ItzAMePuggo

    Messages on Forums

  9. ItzAMePuggo

    Messages on Forums

    Im still fairly new but I cant find how to message someone it says I can message 0 people in a day.
  10. ItzAMePuggo


    This looks amazing
  11. I think it would be really nice if you could buy animal spawn eggs in the creative shop. One animal Spawn Egg could be sold for like $500 dollars. When you right click on the animal it would show a animal spawn egg and a dirt block. When you click on the spawn egg the animal would act like how it does normally if you push the block it will stand still. If you pick a hostile mob lets say a creeper it will not explode.
  12. I'm Really scared to go back to school :o 


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