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This place is suppose to be for "Personal Information" (EDIT: This is actually the about me.) but last time I checked that was against the rules so I think it doesn't mean what I think it does but for this area I'm going to write more about me on Minecraft. Hi I'm puggo10 and I love to build on Palace. I've made many Parks rides and even theaters and I'm working on a new Park. If I'm famous at all I'm most famous for my "company" PUGCO Entertainment or PUGCO for short. Currently PUGCO Entertainment is working on a recreation of PUGCOT one of our previous Defunct parks. Where also working on Aladdin The Musical well really its just friend like me. But if you would like to see something we already made hop on the creative server and come to /plotwarp Slaterland. If your wondering why where called PUGCO I'll tell you PUGCO is actually suppose to be PUG.CO but the chat filter things thats a website link (its not) so we had to change it to just PUGCOPUG.CO means Pug Company because I'm a "pug" and this is my company. I think I took this thing to far but anyways make sure to follow me. BYE!

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