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  1. Liberty Square Riverboat Update [+] You will now receive 10 tokens per ride. [+] Added a ride leaderboard. Have fun!
  2. GR Moderator: [+] @_trisarahtops_ [+] @sofieology [+] @SkipperJacob [+] @TestTrack [+] @imapanduh_ [+] @Crispy_Cream [+] @WILLINGWINGS81 [+] @SweetHoneyTea_ [+] @UtopiaPlays Congrats to all of you former guides! ❤️
  3. Show off your building skills and try to have the best build in your team at the Creative Build-Off!
  4. Autumn Seasonal 2020 will open on this day! Hope you enjoy Autumn Seasonal 2020 and all the rides it has!
  5. USO Resource Pack v5.0.1 [+] Added Cotton Candy Gun (by thomas2718) [+] Added HHN Dolls [+] Added Ahoy Ice Cream Hat (by Lateamy)
  6. Build Trainee: [+] @arliee Builder: [+] @SolarsystemSeven GR Trainee: [+] @WowItsCow Coordinator: [+] @KermitTheFraud Congrats to all of you guys!
  7. Join us for a event based off of Mexican culture in the Mexico pavilion in EPCOT called Dia de Mexico! It takes place at 5:00 PM EST on the 16th! We hope to see you there!
  8. More info coming soon!
  9. until
    With the return runPalace, Magic Happens, MSEP, Palace Awards, it's gonna be a great 4th anniversary for Palace! Can't wait to see everyone there!
  10. New Guides: [+] @_jamesss_ [+] @AriPenguin [+] @arliee [+] @bluehours [+] @Chow__Time [+] @faeriesss [+] @KepShea [+] @MegHerobrine14 [+] @Lateamy [+] @NobodyBut [+] @itsNorthernn [+] @CitrusLemonn [+] @Sara3093 Congrats to all of you! New Coordinators: [+] @PupThunder [+] @RRocco Congrats to you guys too!
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