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  1. gg and congrats @TheCraftyBatman this is a very poggers
  2. Be our guest and come and try the grey stuff at an another showing of Beauty and The Beast: Live On Stage at 4:00 PM EST!
  3. At 3:00 PM, experience going to Elsa's ice palace and meeting some friends there too! See you there!
  4. Enjoy the many things that this Seasonal and the scavenger hunt hidden in there as well!
  5. New Attraction Polar Express has opened in the Winter Village in Seasonal! Have fun riding it!
  6. @NoloTheRolo - Guide @PhilteredMusic - Tech Coordinator Congratulations to both to you! (and also congratulations for me to being active on the club again aha)
  7. what's this about funko pops i stg if it's expensive, i AlReadY spENT MY MONEY ON BILLYS!
  8. Come dine with Tiana at friends for a Thanksgiving dinner at Thanksgiving at Tiana's Palace! We hope to see you there!
  9. WDW Resource Pack v5.1.7 [+] Walt Disney's Frozen Head (by @BGannon) (nice) [+] Added Frozen Ever After Boat (by @davidly__) [+] Added Red Star Wars Droid (by @davidly__) [+] Added Green Lightsaber (by @davidly__) [+] Updated Cruz (by @thomas2718) [+] Updated Move It Shake It Floats (by @Cubits)
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