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  1. Not too long ago our team added the Shareholder rank, a new purchasable rank, to our network’s store. The Shareholder rank was created for Honorables to experience our servers with many new perks such as, flying, requesting on-demand firework shows, and more. With this rank, you also have the opportunity to join in on staff game-nights, explore on our private survival world, and/or minigame servers as they become available. With this rank, your perks will last one month from the date of purchase and then will be cancelled if not renewed. Your contribution to the Palace Network assists in the constant development of our servers. With that, we are able to forge more games, create more shows, and share more experiences with more guests! If you follow our chat in-game, you can find our Shareholders with a bright pink tag showing off their bling! Here's some more detail regarding the perks you'll be receiving on top of your Honorable rank: Flight: Get access to /fly and be able to fly around our theme parks maps! While flying, you will be invisible to all other players except other Shareholders and staff. Show Requests: By running /shows, you can request permission for a show to run! If it’s 2:00 a.m. and you want to see Wishes, your wish is our command! Private Survival World: Play on a survival server only accessible to other Shareholders and the network’s staff members! Monthly Game Nights: Participate in monthly game nights where Shareholders and staff play Minecraft games - or any other games - together! Exclusive Shareholder Communication: Shareholders have access to dedicated channels in our Discord server to connect with each other and staff. We’ll also share with you what we’ve been working on behind the scenes so you get the latest network news first. We thank everyone for your continued support on our network and can't wait to see more Shareholders in-game! Content for this post was provided by @Mavly.
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