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  1. Aqua_Tem

    hOI everyone!

    Just your friendly neighborhood Tem here! I play on the server regularly, and usually participate in group rides with anyone who asks! I enjoy playing music (Trombone, Piano, Guitar), and arranging music on Musescore! I am mostly active at night, and if you'd like to talk or be friends I'll try to respond whenever possible! <3 By the way! My favorite ride on the server is Haunted Mansion, second favorite is The Incredible Hulk.
  2. Aqua_Tem

    CamShea says Hey!

    Congrats for something Shea, since you told me to say so
  3. Aqua_Tem

    Heyy! It's Fae!

    Thank you for being my friend Fae! It’s been a pleasure meeting you, and just talking in general! (It’s crazy how we like a lot of the same stuff :O)
  4. Aqua_Tem

    What is everyone's favorite MK ride in Palace Network?

    I absolutely adore Haunted Mansion. The audio is accurate and it gives me the illusion that I’m actually there! The ride itself always works smoothly, and it is built extremely well! Definitely something to come back to a couple times a day for me.
  5. Tower of Terror will always hold a special place in my heart. When I was younger (About 5 or so!) we went to Disney World and I would have NOTHING to do with the ride; it terrified me! But, after going to Disneyland and trying it out, I fell in love. If I ever go back to Disney, I’d love to ride it again... and again... and again!
  6. Aqua_Tem


    This sounds like a good idea
  7. Aqua_Tem

    Canis18's **UPDATED** Introduction

    I would love to personally thank you for all the help and support you gave me on the server yesterday, Canis18! It gave me all the confidence in the world that I can trust the staff on the server to be attentive, courteous, and helpful!
  8. Aqua_Tem

    Forums Update

    Very organized and outlined! Gives me assurance that I’ll enjoy the server as much as I used to!

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