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  1. Hey everyone! I’ve been out for a bit due to schoolwork I’m getting done to prepare for my university and actual work as well. I may have popped on the server once or twice occasionally but really I’ve been more inactive this summer than I wanted to :(. To make up, I’ll probably come on the server a few times over next week before I leave to go to my school. Here’s a few pictures from my recent trip to Kings Dominion in Virginia, I wanted to do something outside and why not go to an amusement park! (I actually lost a few photos because I’m dumb and forgot to save them, but these are neat!)





  2. My apologies for inactivity! I did some traveling and I’m preparing to start orientation at my University/preparing all of my stuff I ordered for my dorm, I’ll be back home by Wednesday this week and will hopefully spend a little time on the server for a while before I move out in August!

  3. I personally prefer Gringotts because it’s more of a coaster! I like thrill rides, so it wins for me! But what do you guys prefer? Gringotts or Forbidden Journey?
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