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  1. Being bisexual, I’ve had to deal with hiding myself from even my family for the longest time. Though I still cannot be comfortable in my family sharing this, due to their beliefs, I have been so happy and so lucky to be part of a community that is comfortable with me being who I am. Thank you all for being such amazing people, and I hope you all have a wonderful pride month ❤️
  2. Finals are done! 

    I am going to be starting a job next week, that I will probably be working at daily for a few hours. :)

    should not have too many problems getting on the server anyways!


    best of luck to everyone finishing school,


    Spongebob Squarepants Good Luck GIF

    1. BrenGold


      Good Job!

    2. Mavly



    3. JuliaMoolia
  3. I hope everyone is making use of their time home! It sure has been tough but we can all make it!

  4. Spring break finally begins! Not really looking forward to teachers figuring out online stuff for next week :/

    1. that1litdisneyfreak


      lucky! I had spring break last week and today was my first day of online classes :/


    2. Mavly


      My schools out for several months, online school is on it's way!

    3. that1litdisneyfreak


      @Mavly idk if im going back this year :/

  5. I am proud to be a sponsor of three rides!
    - Primeval Whirl & Triceratops Spin
    - Dumbo the Flying Elephant

    I am happy to be able to support the server and some of my favorite classic rides, as well as provide for the COVID-19 relief programs!

  6. I’m going to be making the move back home from university for the rest of the semester, so this week I may not be as active as I normally am while I deal with moving. I’ll still come on to see everyone but just not as often. Just as a general update to my life :)

    1. SmallestCube


      Take your time! Hope the move goes smoothly! :ae:

  7. Well, next week's looking FUN. 

    I've got two exams on monday, another exam tuesday, another on wednesday...

    looks like my week might be a bit busy. I'll be around on the server over the weekend and when I have downtime, hopefully!

    1. Daisy


      I have a busy week as well, this is the time of the year where everything falls on the same week, sadly. Good luck on your tests!

  8. Until this is fixed, feel free to use /menu in place of the star so you don't have to do /star every time.
  9. I really wish I could enjoy springtime but as I'm having severe seasonal allergy symptoms it just really ruins the season for me

    every time I go outside and take a breath the amount of pollen just makes me feel like I walked into a really painful wall... :dash3:

    Hoping fall and winter will come around soon 🙏

  10. Aqua_Tem


    Hi guys, I’m Aqua_Tem, or many of you know me as just Aqua (since that seemed to be the nickname that stuck)! I’m currently in college/university studying Bioengineering. I love to spend some of my free time getting on palace and enjoying some time with everyone! I want to help make the Palace experience fun and magical for everyone on the server, and so far being on the staff team has really allowed me to do that! If you ever have any questions, I will not hesitate to do my best and answer the question You can find me on the server in afternoons and evenings, however I am also on the Palace discord! Anyone is welcome to ask me something in the discord server, or send me a DM ❤️. I’m always checking in on the #homework-help channel so if you have any questions on some homework, and I can help, I’ll answer! Here are some facts about me: - I play the trombone, as well as various other instruments 🎵 - one of my MOST favorite foods is sushi! 🍣 - I go to Louisiana State University... - But my family lives in Virginia! My relatives all live in Louisiana though. - aside from Minecraft, I like to play various other games, and my favorite types of video games are RPG/open world games. - my family has two lovely dogs 🐕 - I love coffee, but can’t drink it that much because of my medicine anyways, I hope to see everyone on the server and I’ll do my best to make Palace your home away from home!
  11. The time has come that our batch of trainees have almost all been promoted! I’m happy to be on the team and congrats to everyone who was promoted!!

  12. Thank you all for all the lovely support ♥️

    it’s been an amazing few days as part of the staff team and I hope we all continue to enjoy our time on Palace!

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