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  1. Well, here i am... two months later after saying i was going away for three weeks! i'm back now, my computer slower then ever and it still thinks its 6:00 am... its 4:00 pm btw xD anyways, i got disney passes now and am super happy for the future! good luck to everyone moving out of state like me.

    1. AphGabemikuMc1


      Nice good luck safe travels ☺/💗 have a great time there!🙂

  2. So, i have not been on in two months and some people did not know it... maybe we could add a button or some thing to do and it will send a message to your friends? Also, #praisethepig because prince is now at my aunts apartment, living life. 😍 Pick up litter, save a life - Daddygeesh
  3. well ok... after two WHOLE months i am back to cold, harsh new England... why did we have to leave?! also, i have been sleeping and resting for a week so yeah... also my aunt got a new guinea pig named prince! he has red eyes and coarse fur. he is from ocean state guinea pig rescue they are trying to make room so they just gave my aunt prince because he was her favorite :x

  4. /ban CoolKidDaiZ your profile picture is too cute! Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  5. Help me. I'm so tired from packing for over like 7 hours.

  6. I am moving. Yup, ya heard me, moving. So i'm probably not gonna be on the server for awhile because, moving takes time. also, you think i'm going to bring an 8 pound computer on the plane/in the car? Ha, no way! Anyways, thats what has been up recently, so yeah.

    Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh

  7. /ban CoolKidPotato hes not a little potato hes a big potato and hes not mashed! Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  8. its kinda a bug, but not really. People are always annoyed how they cant add me to their plot or say my name because its a "swear." I don't know what triggers it, but if possible, could we fix it without breaking the swear system. Pick up litter, Save a life -DaddyGeesh
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