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  1. Ok so I basically just got "off" Dr. Doom, so once i get outside and it says "enter your fear extracter" I can't enter the saddles and it blasts up without me in it. Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  2. when i think of splash i think of the show they used to have in jordans
  3. yea i saw her in the summer show they said she was the oldest orca there swim in peace.
  4. /ban cjh66 because this is the 3rd time i've had to ban you Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  5. *sigh* i don't even know whats at Disney anymore have not gone since I was five. Actually, I've only been to MK and the AK hotel (i didn't stay in it) So I've never seen Epcot, Hollywood Studios, all the water parks at Disney (I've lost count) and I've seen no part of Universal. I've only seen those on vlogs... Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  6. I grew up with a thumper plush... i still do actually from Disney. *sob* the remeberance...
  7. Same. Where are they in our lives?
  8. Omg same i sometimes just raid youtube for them .
  9. Me too but i'm also waiting for our storks sequel and Nightmare before Christmas Sequel. crie Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  10. You missed 3/10... Oh well Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  11. My favorites are Nightmare Before Christmas And Storks.
  12. Hi guys! I've never reviewed anything so if this is bad I'm sorry. Anyways, Unless you've watched it, don't read this review. It contains spoilers. Oh and by the way i'm also listening to storks music in the backround. Anyways, To the review! I'm going to do it like a survey style review. Mood you should be in: Happy Mood the movie is in: Joyus/Sad Music By: The Lumineers Plot: A human wants to deliver a baby, after the company that used to deliver babies started to deliver phones. The major plot twist: The human was actually one of the babies that has a family, but could never be delivered. My favorite song from the movie: Holdin On My favorite scene from the movie: When you see the baby in all the stages of her life. Stars: 5 There's my review. Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  13. Hi. In my state, our airport is home to a football team, but they have their own planes. I feel proud, but my airport only has 22 gates... Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  14. This morning I ate blueberry mini wheats. Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
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