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  1. so welcome to i took a month break


    and now am bout to probably take another long breaker. i think i've done something to my brain to get it into constant overthinking and what ifs.


    1. Utopiaa_


      I hope you're doing okay! We're here if you ever need to talk 💖

  2. birthday tomorrow. not ready for it, i feel like 2021 has gone by so fast. i thought we just started the year, no? it's almost april already?

    confused wolf GIF

    1. Disneyfan


      Happy early birthday! Mine is in two days, so very close as well, haha! It has been going very fast, indeed!

    2. Potofantom


      Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you had a chance to celebrate and do something fun!

  3. Koia. She's sweet and simple as water. After all, she is a water wolf. (Design/art of her not done by me, she's an adoptable I've picked up recently.) Here's some water and a wolf for your enjoyment.


  4. im tired still but im still here so theres a start. here's a dog:

    dog oops GIF

    i cant even remember my quote anymore so-yeah

  5. I just realized Jungle Cruise is getting a retheme, sadly, I don't think Trader Sam is going to make it. I am here to pay my respects to him, as he will never be forgotten. Dog:

    Dog Fist Bump GIF by merkinspurlock

    Pick up litter, save a life.



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    2. baifelicia


      dog! rip jungle cruise im excited to see what happens

    3. SweetHoneyTea_


      Rip Jungle Cruise! But it is exciting to see what happens next!! 

    4. lunaology



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