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  1. Before I begin I must say that the Palace staff is different from other park server staff. The Palace staff interacts with their guests. They are what really make Palace, Palace. Staff have games for us to play and compete with each other and have group tours and rides! They answer any question of ours with the famous, "There is no set date". This is what makes Palace Network, the Happiest Network on Earth! Thank you Staff team for making Palace a wonderful place to be
  2. CreeperPigYT

    Farewell Pandora

    On Creative I made an Creative Spotlight worth plot. Pandora- World of Avatar has closed now... For a NEW project!
  3. CreeperPigYT

    Tower of Terror!

    Never been so happy to go into the.....Twilight Zone. #TOT
  4. CreeperPigYT

    Multiple Shows Glitch

    Dear Palace Staff, You have recently made it possible to make multiple shows depending on your rank. I have the Noble rank so I can make 3 shows. However I have ran into a glitch in the middle of testing this new feature. I was trying to delete the 3 shows I made in my testing period. I deleted 2 of them but, 1 of them I am unable to delete. So I went into the show and hit remove all actions thinking that might help. I was wrong for it made the other 2 shows I removed appear again. I do not know if I am the only one but, this glitch worries me in the future. I have tried restarting and re-joining Palace and it still does not work. Please try to get back to me and fix the glitch as soon as possible and as always, Have a Magical Day
  5. CreeperPigYT

    Orlando: Tips for Disney and Universal!

    Great Information Justin!

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